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+ - Holiday Treats for Mac users from Garmin

Submitted by net_shaman
net_shaman writes: This fall Garmin quietly released several Mac applications. Some are still in Beta yet they seem to work.
If you use Parallels Desktop to manage your Garmin GPS, this may set you free from Windoze altogether. After a few downloads and a two hour map conversion process, I can manage my GPS on my MacBook.

You will need three software packages;

1. The POI Loader for Mac released on Dec 19th and no longer in beta. Not required but nice to have.
2. MapInstall for Mac, also released on Dec 19th.
3. MapConverter for Windows released on September 18th.

Instructions for using MapConverter are here (pdf).

The map conversion process can take quite a while. I converted three Garmin Mapping products in a bit over two hours on my Parallels/MacBook. An external drive helped simplify the process.

Comment: Re:Edutainment (Score 1) 259

by boredguru (#19201647) Attached to: 13-Year-Old CEO Steals the Show At TiECON

I really hate games and interactive working-with-other-students approaches in the classroom. I find it to be a copout by the professor; he or she is the one with the knowledge, not my fellow students (who are likely to be less knowledgeable than myself).

Have you ever gone "Ahhh, so thats how it works"?
The Almighty Buck

+ - Outsourcing woes hit India as Rupee strengthens.

Submitted by
inasra writes: "According to a Credit Suisse report, Indian GDP at the current price level of the rupee (Rs 40.76 per $) stands at $1trillion. The strengthening rupee has now made India the 12th country to achieve this milestone. But it is bad news for the outsourcing/export industry as the 10% appreciation in Rupee also means that the margin of profit (or savings due to exchange rate disparity) has been eaten away by 10% in just 4 months. Of course this is just one more problem that India faces in addition to the lack of skilled manpower.

A excerpt "The skills problem is now the single most important constraint to growth [in India] and an appreciating rupee simply adds to that," says Sanjeev Sanyal, senior economist at Deutsche Bank in Hong Kong."

+ - Google Censors Liveleak?

Submitted by pacalis
pacalis writes: Does google censor competitors? The owners of liveleak.com, an online video service, recently posted a video http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=6a6_1176066336 claiming that Google has stopped indexing them. A quick peak http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=liveleak seems to add credibility to this arguement, and addtionional information is found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censorship_by_Google.

Is google censoring this service? Is is for business or political reasons? Is this predatory? Does google have a responsibility to index this site?

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