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Comment Re:It's "not just the about the money!" (Score 1) 297 297

The retail copies of windows (which are outrageously priced BTW) are licensed to move between machines in the way you describe. You may have to call MS but the license should be portable...

OTOH, I have a friends who say they have called MS and gotten them to reactivate OEM copies on replaced motherboards even though its not really allowed.

Comment Re:The problem is that landfills are too cheap (Score 1) 371 371

That, and most Americans are too fucking lazy to sort, or have any kind of care in avoiding contamination (or even learning what that means).

Why the fuck should I have to waste my $100/hour time to sort some goddamn garbage when the city can hire someone for $10/hour to do it?

So get off your high horse about the recycling BS, and charge me another $50 a month or something for trash collection and sort it all manually. I'm totally of the opinion that things that can be reused be removed from the waste stream. I'm just not in favor of trying to educate a million people sufficiently that they don't make mistakes and wasting peoples time doing things that are much better handled by specialists and machines.

Comment No word if companies can still pull products.. (Score 1) 116 116

With bad reviews, and then recreate them as clean products without any reviews. I've had this happen to a couple products I wrote bad reviews for. Polar in particular released the RC3 a couple years ago, and there were a ton of bad reviews about broken chest straps, broken buttons, GPS's that wouldn't lock up, etc.. Good luck finding any of those reviews, they changed the SKU (or something) a couple years back and all the old bad reviews (which were close to a 1 start rating) are no longer applied to the product. My review is still in my profile, but it links to a product which is "no longer available" even though you can find the RC3 still for sale on amazon.

Comment Re:there's no subscription in the sense you think. (Score 2) 277 277

Probably not what you mean, but and then after 90 days use the slmgr rearm trick.

I'm not sure about 8.1 enterprise but other versions have allowed this trick 3 time, then you boot from a disk, clear some registry keys and start the whole process over again. Or ignore the "your windows isn't genuine" if you use one of the OEM keys you can find via google.

Comment Re: Good news (Score 1) 391 391

licensed to operate on the public roadways, not on a race track

Or a farm, where a lot of work trucks/tractors live their whole lives. In fact where I live you can probably get away with driving a truck down the road from one plot to another just with a slow moving vehicle sign, some flashing lights and a headlight (the requirement for "farm equipment on the road").

Comment Re:This whole make your own gun is like the homebr (Score 1) 391 391

Well uranium can be mined in a lot of places where people live. There are places in the US where simply walking outside and picking up a couple rocks will net you a few ppm of uranium. Finding abandoned mines and picking up some of the tailing will often net a pretty decent concentration.

I only point this out because getting a decent purity of uranium from rocks is probably the least of your problem if you need a particular isotope.

Comment This whole make your own gun is like the homebrew (Score 4, Insightful) 391 391

The whole discussion about making your own guns, sort of reminds me of the day I realized how easy it was to make beer. So easy that any 14 year old can walk into any random supermarket and buy everything they need to make a couple gallons of beer for less than it costs to actually buy the beer (as it should be!).

So all these prohibitions against selling alcohol to people under 21 are all pretty pointless, even kids without friends older than 21 can get their hands on unlimited supplies of the stuff with just a little thought and effort.

So the latest hopla about making guns is sort of a resurgence of the zip gun culture. Only the results are probably more accurate on the whole.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 225 225

Uh, sort of a bad example. The old control over every portion of the window decoration from the appearance tab on the display properties dialog got gimped with windows 8 (or was it 7). MS still lets you change the color, but all the fine grained controls a gone.

There are a number of howto's about creating a "classic" windows theme for 8, but its just not the same. The result isn't classic mode anymore than the win98 mode in kde looks anything at all like windows98.

Comment Re:You know what would REALLY motivate kids? (Score 1) 208 208

Except that Civil Engineering is licensed by each individual state. There is also the requirement that in order to get a PE you have to have a certain number of years of experience under a PE that will sign off on it. Plus, there are basic competency tests required, and continuing education requirements.

That is why my wife who has a PE in CE doesn't work with any H1B's while I do. She does work with a number of permanent residents, but most of them moved here, went to school here, and got their PE's after working in the field here for a few years.

Plus, the requirement that nearly any project of significance have a PE sign off on it, keeps the field vibrant.

Comment Content companies? (Score 1) 244 244

Well, besides all the other listed problems with moving into the TV market. I'm sure apple had two major roadblocks for a uber high res TV. The question of who would supply the glass, and who would supply the content probably were insurmountable. Its not like Samsung or LG were going to sign exclusive sales deals to only sell the panels to apple. Then there are the content providers who probably refused to provide custom content for apple devices fearing a repeat of the itunes situation where they became beholden to apple.

Comment Re:Windows XP (Score 1) 214 214

And the funny thing about that is a few minutes with google might give you a few ideas on how to get around the _SOFTWARE LICENSE_ enforced 4GB limit! Because even 32-bit XP is running with PAE enabled! Your out of support, why not invalidate your license and just add more ram?

Comment Re:Greedy Corporation (Score 2) 214 214

XP is crap. Its driver model and security model are a total joke.

Please be more specific because the whole NT line shares the same driver model (the most significant changes were actually in win2k with the addition of PnP) and security model. And that includes windows 10... The addition of UAC dialogs instead of runas, isn't a security "model" change so much as a implementation detail. The virtualized HKLM aren't really "security model" changes either and are probably the single largest security change to newer windows that actually makes a difference over running as a restricted user in 2k,xp,2k3.

So, i'm curious what exactly you think is crap about the windows security model and what exactly changed that had a meaningful impact.. And no, simply changing the default user to a restricted one doesn't really count because anyone with 1/2 a brain did the same thing to older windows installs. Maybe the largest resulting change is that crap software now actually works consistently in such an environment without having to implement custom policies for busted applications. ASLR maybe? Because that is application specific and there are 3rd party utilities that provide it for XP. Same thing for driver signature enforcement, its possible to set a GPO to reject unsigned drivers. Something ACL related maybe? Because in microsoft's words "The fundamental structure of access control lists (ACLs) has not changed much for Windows Vista".

You should really read this article which is a pretty good introduction to the security features of the NT kernel, so that you can communicate effectively about what you think is wrong with windows security model before you start making blanket statements about it.

Comment Re:What is with this "HD" (Score 2) 175 175

he 3d technology was too new back then. And they jumped to the technology without much insight of the quality of the universe.

I assume your aware that there is a new kings quest in the making... King's Quest: Your Legacy Awaits, which when I initially saw the screen shots I was really sad. I guess they think 3d technology has evolved, but it still looks like ass in comparison to KQ7, which runs at much lower resolution.

There definitely a place for good hand drawn art in video games. See Machinarium, and a number of fire maple games like The Lost City. I found these much more satisfying then nearly any game using a 3d engine I've played in the last 10 years. Even the old prerendered games like riven/etc look better IMHO. Realtime 3D/polygon rendering is cool for things that need 3D, but this idea that even isometric games (starcraft/etc) need to be 3D takes away from the experience.

I really was excited about the new xcom until I saw the screenshots and found out it was using cryengine. Not that there is anything wrong with that engine, I just wish someone would do a big budget game with something other than that, unreal, or idtech. The use of one of three game engines for 99% of the games released in the past few years means that they all have the same look/feel in my book.

Comment Re:Without demand to prop up economies of scale (Score 1) 276 276

Without demand to prop up economies of scale, will prices of general-purpose computers rise to where they were before the late 1990s?

Maybe my memory if failing me, but I don't think the upper midrange PC is less expensive now than it was in the late 90's. Back then a cheap PC could be had for $7-800 and a decent one for $1500-2000. Sure you could go crazy, and dump $5k, but it didn't get you much over the $2k one.

Same thing today, a cheap PC is probably $400 and a decent one is $1500, and you can dump $5k on a really good one. So, the largest change is probably on the low end where prices are 1/2 to 1/3 what they were. This isn't really the market that people who need a PC are apt to buy into anyway.

The one thing that has happened is that laptops have gone from premium devices to cover the mid range and low end.

Comment Crap technology? (Score 2) 405 405

Or maybe its all the crap, half baked technology being used over the last few years. I think we are sort of in a time period like the mid/late 90's where everyone was shoveling garbage windows apps out the door before they were done baking (and win9x itself was a pile of crap).

It seems to me, that over half the "web stacks" are just steaming piles of unfinished garbage. Same with a lot of the core infrastructure technologies that are all the hotness (see docker, openstack, etc).

So, its no wonder these things get stressful, someone hits a bug and suddenly they are trying to fix software that is way over their head on a deadline.

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