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Comment for the love of god file the report of birth (Score 1) 734

I have a very close friend who is in immigration hell because of a situation like this. just file the report of birth abroad and get it over with, if they don't want it when they are an adult, they can renounce it. In her situation, life didn't go as expected and her unwed parents split a few years down the line. She ended up moving to the US with her mothers new US national husband. She only speaks English and has no memories of her life in Europe. She has been trying to straighten this out for the past few years but it looks like she will have to be naturalized. You never know what the future holds, not filing the report of birth abroad irrevocably limits your child's future options and is incredibly presumptive of their and your futures.

Comment Re:Wanna put an end to it? (Score 2) 112

Obviously we can only clean the house of whatever the opposite side is of our political football team. Our team is really good and they are only involved in minor scandals and they have to be a little crooked to save us from the true evils of the other side. You better vote for your teams guy because the team you mentally associate with is more important than anything else in this world, so be a team player.

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