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Comment: Linux needs pro audio support. (Score 1) 815

by bollox4 (#29804397) Attached to: PulseAudio Creator Responds To Critics
Is Linux capable of professional quality sound without glitching and problems? Absolutely! We already see Linux audio systems go hand in hand in the embeded market, and mobiles aside, even 100% rock solid pro gear like synthesisers. Unfortunately for Linux until a reliable standard is settled upon that encourages the big boys to play, the Linux audio issues will continue. Who wants to assist a small market that cannot settle on a singular framework?

Comment: Re:Hell yeah (Score 1) 890

by bollox4 (#28105363) Attached to: Church of Scientology On Trial In France

Wow. Comparing loosely threaded highly profitable and hugely controversial scientology to religions that have been established thousands of years? If an organization's purpose is to trick people out of their money for purely personal gain, people catch on. If not in years, or tens of years, most likely by the time people have been getting scammed out of their money by the same organization for hundreds of years, it will fall apart.

Then you know little about religion, religious organisations, history, etc. All have scammed. All claim x,y,& z whilst holding out the offering bowl. Most are still here, and people are still as gullible as ever. Try and audit the Vatican. You cannot, people have tried, and the Vatican is protected by law

Comment: Re:People just don't understand Linux (Score 1) 833

by bollox4 (#27546279) Attached to: Linux On Netbooks — a Complicated Story

That's the problem with those windows fanboy's. They seem to hate all other OS. Why should you hate something so deep that is given you for free? There seems to be no rationalism behind it other than hating to see things developping for free.

Not hate. I use OO & Thunderbird on a daily basis in a Windows environment. Great stuff, but then I also use other free stuff like 64 bit Paint.NET which installs neatly and makes Gimp look like a 10 year old Photoshop clone.

Seriously, I've tried (since a 1997 coverdisk giveaway) many flavours of Linux, and it still doesn't offer me anywhere near the flexibility, hardware compatibility* nor variety of software that Windows does. That and not having to fiddle with dozens of journaling systems (I lost 2 hardrives to Ext2, Grrr)

*Linux does legacy, Windows is right of the box.

Backed up the system lately?