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Comment: Wish they would have specified number of oz (Score 1) 286

by bojangler (#36167472) Attached to: Coffee Wards Off Cancer
A measuring cup is 8 oz
A coffee cup is often, but not always, 6 oz.
The cup on my desk with which I use to drink coffee is something in the range of 12 oz.

So when I saw 6 cups of coffee intake, my eyes lit up. Partly from the cup of coffee I just drank, but also at the thought of how much time would be spent in the bathroom over the course of those 6 cups.

Comment: Still not interested in RHEL5 users (Score 1) 292

by bojangler (#33964666) Attached to: Google Rolls Out Chrome 7
And by extension CentOS 5 users. Sure the argument can be made that an OS from 2007 is too old and thus not worth going ofter (as the Chromium devs do in this bug report But it seems to me that if you want to compete with Firefox in the Linux browser arena you should match the list of compatible distros. Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey all work great in RHEL5.

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