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Comment: lead to over-applying and under-applying (Score 4, Interesting) 292

by boguslinks (#49216795) Attached to: Do Tech Companies Ask For Way Too Much From Job Candidates?
I have found (while reading through resumes trying to find candidates) that the response of most applicants to this phenomenon is to just apply for jobs for which they aren't really qualified at all, because no one is completely qualified. Which leads to probably the exact situation employers are trying to avoid (having tons of unqualified people apply) And for me personally, when I'm looking for work, it has the opposite effect - I try to not apply for something unless I really look like a fit, but with these Les Miserables-sized qualification lists, I'm not qualified for anything at all. So I think I end up under-applying for jobs.

Comment: Yahoo! started sending me a daily headlines email (Score 1) 222

by boguslinks (#48630325) Attached to: Marissa Mayer's Reinvention of Yahoo! Stumbles
The only changes I've noticed in my Yahoo! stuff since Mayer took over is that they started sending a daily "stories" email to all my Yahoo! accounts (which I promptly turned off). If ramping up a daily headlines email was a key component of strategy.... yeesh... this is 2014 not 1995

Comment: it's that tech people don't want to be in LA (Score 1) 506

by boguslinks (#45612669) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why So Hard Landing Interviews In Seattle Versus SoCal?
Free your mind. The thing here is probably that it's tougher for tech companies in LA to recruit. I live in Seattle and you'd probably have to pay me 50% more to live in LA. Lots of people'd like to live in Seattle, for the reasons you describe, so there's plenty of job candidates.

Comment: All critics assume bill will not go down (Score 1) 447

by boguslinks (#37545856) Attached to: The Cable Industry's a La Carte Bait and Switch
It seems like the fundamental assumption of all the critics of this is that there's *no way in hell* that the base price being paid is going to go down. Of course it will go down. The cable companies may be crazy, but they're not that crazy. I haven't had cable in six years, but if this all ends up in me being able to get enough stuff I want at say a $20-25/month price point I may just hop back on board. ESPN sucks so much blood from the cable bill - just ditching their stuff should result in a nice savings.

Comment: Re:Not new and Not good (Score 1) 1173

by boguslinks (#36653230) Attached to: Roundabout Revolution Sweeping US
This (from wikipedia) would make the things I grew up with in New Jersey traffic circles, not roundabouts:

Although the term roundabout is sometimes used for a traffic circle even in the United States, U.S. traffic engineers now make the distinction that in a roundabout entering traffic must always yield to traffic already in the circle, whereas in a traffic circle entering traffic is controlled by Stop signs, or is not formally controlled.

You needed local knowledge to know what the hell to do in those circles - the Hamilton circle (removed a long long time ago for the Hamilton Mall) and the more recently removed Cardiff circle near the Shore Mall.

Comment: you do need a certain level of expertise (Score 2, Interesting) 74

by boguslinks (#35725894) Attached to: Key Music Industry Lawyer Named EU Copyright Chief
If you're going to appoint an attorney in charge of government copyright policy, the thing to do is to get someone with relevant experience. Would you prefer an attorney whose expertise is in Animal Husbandry to get this job?

And if you think it's one of the "bad guys" instead of one of the "good guys" (girls) getting the job... well, working attorneys in copyright (and other "intellectual property" areas) are usually working to protect and monetize the "property" in question. You'd probably have a tough time coming up with a good list of candidates, with good resumes, for the job who share your ideology (or mine) on the issue. Someone like Stephan Kinsella would be both qualified and share our sentiments, but I'm sure he doesn't want the job, nor the job him.

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