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Journal Journal: Java is dull 1

I started skimming through some Java tutorials this morning. Everyone of them was either written for complete noobs and/or was as exciting as reading a dictionary... Does ANYone has ever done something one could remotely classify as "cool" in Java? Does Java rock? ... No ...

But nevertheless: Know thy foe...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Lispers unite!

I cannot believe it... I am amazed... scared... I am getting PAID for programming Common Lisp.

I know there are lots of mind-blowingly good lisp programmers out there who would kill for such an opportunity.


Journal Journal: Any games developed for Linux?

I just browsed the web in order to find some new games for Linux. (Don't get me wrong, I clearly prefer FreeBSD over Linux for political and practical reasons, but it's Linux emulation does a very good job) My success was mildly speaking demoralising.
So I ask the following questions: Are there any decent games being developed for any free operating system? Do new games only appear on Windows? Is there no chance for companies to earn money with Linux games?

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