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Comment: Re:thank god for the poor states (Score 1) 297 297

If it hadn't been done to death. Like I said, one troll, no problem, but +5 for insightful? It's not just you that makes me bitch. Try living in MS for a while, and you'll find more genuine people than anywhere else you go. At least that's been my experience. Except Ole Miss. Ole Miss sucks.

Comment: Re:thank god for the poor states (Score 1) 297 297

The point is your and others desires to condescend. The internet is essentially ubiquitous in Mississippi, but you wouldn't know that as you've probably never been to the state. Whatever horrible reason there is that Mississippi has something right, it can't be good, can it?

Comment: Before Carmack (Score 1) 225 225

I don't know what Carmack did in the business world, but he was little more than a teenager when he created the first 1st person, 3D shooter (Wolfenstein ). That was freakin fantastic at the time. Everything before that, that I remember, was 2D scrollers of one sort or another (Dragon's Lair was phony 3D). Not only did he pull that off first, he did it with a 286 computer. That's scarey impressive. That's what's so excellent about him. He followed that up with Doom (I'm skipping Spear of Destiny since it was pretty much like Wolfenstein). Each game had a generous trial version. Later Carmack made the 3D engine public, with tools for people to create their own levels. I suppose most people know that, but I don't know if most here were around and playing games when it happened. He set a fantastic precedent, and I respect the guy for a massive brain and the willingness to try to get the genre going full speed.

Comment: When satanists found their own country, (Score 1) 1251 1251

Satanists didn't found the country, nor a bunch of atheists, nor a bunch of gays. It was founded by a bunch of Christians almost exclusively, and it was founded primarily with respect to Christian values. When other groups found their own country, let them put up their set of values.

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