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Comment Re:Available elsewhere for a while (Score 1) 67

Right, just go with the $69.95 plan from Page Plus Cellular, and get unlimited talk and messaging and 5GB of data.

Or the $55 plan with 2GB of data.

I was *so happy* when I found them earlier this year after dealing with the terrible service quality on Virgin Mobile.

Comment Re:Back in't old days .... (Score 1) 330

Unrelated, but I remember ordering a dozen P-150 desktops with build-in zip drives. I found my old parallel-port zip drive in a box under the house at the weekend...

I just threw away my parallel-port zip drive last year. Didn't work anymore. I also had a Fujitsu or Toshiba Lifebook with a zipdrive option. I loved those things for a while.

Comment 1994 (Score 1) 632

I had a computer science class in high school in 1994 & 1995. We had Apple ][e as I recall, and the coding was done in Basic. Your usual stuff, learning about conditional branching and so forth. Also had typing class.

In 1995 or 1996 I got a dial-up account with Fox Valley Internet for my 486DX which I believe was running OS/2 Warp. Couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do with UUCP, Gopher and Usenet (besides the obvious photo-downloading) so I didn't keep it for more than a few months and went back to chatting on the Lunatic Phringe.

I kept trying to give people my email address...I suppose that'd be like giving someone your pager number now. Most people would call up, hear the beeps, get confused and hang up.

Comment Re:impossible question. No ideal carrier exists he (Score 1) 375

Page Plus Cellular will get you Verizon's native network at much reduced cost. But that depends on whether you care about 4G. If you care about 4G, this won't be an option. Also, the largest amount of data they offer in a monthly plan is 2GB, which is fine for most people, but not if you're a heavy data user via your phone.

Comment Re:the cost of cable (Score 1) 285

AT&T keeps sending my 5-year-old letters offering her really good deals on a UVerse package. I kind of want to have her call in and try to set up an account. I think it would be a fun audio recording.

But, I hate AT&T with a passion, and so I don't ever plan on speaking with them again unless it's unavoidable.

Comment Re:Ignoring political opinions (Score 1) 646

I think this is feasible, certainly the designs which allow access to the lock release mechanism are a real problem.

The other stuff seems to be mostly a result of the electronic locking design. Most of these use an electromagnet to push or pull a pin into or out of the appropriate spot to keep the bolt from being retracted. These type should never be considered secure if they are mounted, though even then someone with training can defeat them with a rubber mallet and a lot of practice.

But, mostly I would say don't keep your firearms loaded. I don't think most three year olds can rack the slide on a semi-auto, unless the spring is really weak.

Most of all, I would say that if you're going to have firearms, familiarize your children with them the way you would with knives. Most kids don't stab themselves with knives because they're taught to leave them alone. Same logic applies here.

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