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Comment Re:More Disenchanted, still use it (Score 2) 59

I can't speak for the A-list actors. Just for everyone else listed on IMDB. All of those pictures are uploaded by the person listed or an agent of that person. I have a profile as a lowly Grip. You can't add a picture unless you are an IMDB pro paid user. At least not that i have found yet.

So grips don't have agents? (Just kidding)

I thought it would be something like that, agents need their booty. A-listers can probably afford it. and you wouldn't want to get into
legal trouble by just pasting any old picture in there.

I do dislike the watermarked images though.

Comment More Disenchanted, still use it (Score 1) 59

I've been using IMDB forever. I still use it several times a day. I do have some nits to pick though:

I have started to notice lately, a lot of images for actors are missing.

I think I would like it if the image for the actor in the movie link was one from the movie, not one 40 years later. Much of the time
there are images in the photos (if there are any) of the actor in the movie I'm looking at.

Lastly, there seems to be some real issues with most foreign (non-Hollywood) movies.

Frequently there is no detailed plot summary, rating, and actors links seem to be missing.

Looking movie names up in their original language sometimes doesn't work at all.

  That's my whine, happy birthday IMDB.

Comment Old stuff (Score 1) 236

nexusplayer with kodi and netflix. I did buy an ethernet adapter for it. works much better.

6TB NAS with movies/tv shows.

HD Homerun with tvheadend for local stations/recording/live tv on kodi.

PS3 for Blu-Rays and DVD's

Network is all wireless AC/wired 1GB with router and switches.

Comment Re:Get Self-Employed (Score 1) 268

Don't forget hiring a lawyer, an accountant, an accounts manager to make sure you get paid, an HR department to make sure everyone does their job, and finally developers to do all that work you were going to do on your own but now you're just too busy being the boss of all these people to do it yourself.

Do you want MBAs? Because this is how you get MBAs.

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