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Comment: I've worked at investment banks since '93 (Score 5, Interesting) 349

by bobs_lounge (#40921555) Attached to: Bad Software Runs the World
and this article is absolutely correct. Forthe most part, we do regression testing, but a lot of code (a whole lot) is never unit tested, its not written to be used it tested, and there are configuration holes all over the place. Each time there is a Jerome Kerviel or Nick Leeson, a generation of auditors will come through and find systems faults, and put in reasonably effective controls, but that is not the same as programmatic correctness. Programmatic correctness often has to be baked into the code from the start (same with effective unit testing), and by and large, this is not an investment banks highest priority (as an earlier poster wrote, code that is not directly involved in revenue generation does not get funded).

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