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Comment Re:No more on-demand delivery? (Score 1) 29

Same for me, didn't know ebay was even trying anything like this out. How would they pick up items from the seller and get them delivered to a buyer ? Seems problematic, Ive ordered things from best buy for pickup and got an email later saying they didnt actually have it.

Comment Re:Error in the summary (Score 1) 132

Too little to late. Even if it is better on paper, no one will switch. I use chrome now, I can run it on most any OS, desktop or mobile, sync everything (passwords, history, bookmarks, add-ons) and it works fine.

Anyway, the main reason Id never recommend anyone use a microsoft browser is they are always tied to closely to the OS and just an easy gateway for malware.

Comment Ok, but why ? (Score 1) 62

Since you get get these emulators for free or better ad free versions for $5, hardly seems worth buying a phone just for that feature. Other than that looks like any a countless number of other phones. If it had hardware keypad or gamepad then it might stand out from the noise.

Load "Phone",8,1
Loading Phone
Phone Ready

Comment Re:Oh boy! (Score 1) 172

I finally left firefox build around 35 or 36. I tried 64 bit versions and had the same problems. I had been using it since way back when it was mozilla and netscape.

Just couldnt take it anymore. First, when I only had 2 or 3 tabs open, say shopping on amazon, ebay and google, it would totally freeze for 5-10 seconds all the time. No reason for that on a machine with 4 to 6 core cpu and 8 to 20+GB of ram. Then you open firefox, visit one page, and it's using 900MB of ram, open 3 tabs and it taking over a GB. Been using chrome for maybe 6 months now, it's fast (even with 10+ tabs open) and the UI dosent change every month.

Comment Sometime, Im surprised it still works (Score 1) 152

In a tightly packed neighborhood or apartments you may have 20-30+ wifi hotspots within rage at any time, probably half of them seem to be on channel 6. I'm surprised they still work at all given the overlap in signals coming from devices from various manufactures made over the past 15 years. Then older non-wifi friendly stuff that pretty much kills any nearby wifi signals like wireless cameras, old cordless phones, baby monitors and more.

Comment Re:Hmmm. Sponsor copyright free music? (Score 1) 389

That's alot of work for a coffee shop that hardly turns a profit in the first place, hiring song writers and musicians to record songs for them. They are probably looking at $500 per song. You would want atleast 50 songs per day to prevent the same 5 from repeating 20 times per day. The safest thing is just play the radio, or get something like xm for business, its about $30 a month and they pay the performance rights, as its specifically for restaurants and places of business.

Comment Thats is stupid for many reasons (Score 1) 389

Given the value of a song seems to be 99 cents, they are claiming damages of $24,000 ? So they are saying by this place playing 4 songs, they lost $24,000 in lost sales and there for each person in the restaurant would have bought these songs 500 times, if they didn't get a free performance. These laws are dumb and have no real word fair value, it's all a made up amount by lawyers. btw: If you want to be safe, play the radio or a for business radio service (like xm radio for business), they deal with licensing.

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