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Comment: You answered it yourself, In the cloud (Score 1) 446

Get a dropbox account. Store it online, make a secure password. Or buy a TB usb3 drive, encrypt your data, copy your data and take it with you and keep it at a 2nd location. Dont burn a bunch of dvd's to lock up in a firebox, that was good in 2003.

Comment: Seems fair (Score 1) 218

by bobjr94 (#49471587) Attached to: Legislation Would Force Radio Stations To Pay Royalties
For years broadcasters have been trying to kill alternative radio(streaming, satellite) by saying they must pay fees much higher than they do. Now it's their turn. If radio stations are making a profit of playing music, then a percentage of the profit is due back. If the station is small or makes little to no income then their money paid would be much lower or zero. They need to base it on each stations income and make the same rules apply to all (broadcast, streaming, satellite, podcasts). They can't charge a small online radio station something like $500, but a major market radio station would be different.

Comment: Re:Wireless service (Score 1) 536

Because it's super expensive and you don't get much data.
Someone working from home, especially if they vpn, will go though a 15gb plan in a few days. Sure you can buy a 80GB+ plan from verizon for $600 per month. We are stuck using verizon lte for internet and its sucks. You have to bring all your laptops into work to download updates, bring everything else home on usb drives. Block youtube, itunes, netflix, windows update and all those sites on your router to keep kids from burning though your monthly plan in 4 days.

Comment: Same story here (Score 1) 536

Comcast stops a few miles down the road, Centurylink dosent offer dsl. says we are served by 6 providers, we are not. Satellite and 4G internet from a hotspot should not count as broadband. One good windows update or 20 minutes of youtube will use up a entire day's of data on satellite, 4g data is no better unless you want a bill from verizon for 800$.

Comment: Not surprising (Score 2) 117

by bobjr94 (#49315689) Attached to: Universal Reportedly Wants Spotify To Scale Back Its Free Streaming
All the labels will soon want their own streaming service where they control they songs played, ads you listen to and what your favorite songs are. If you search for an artist not on their label, you will not be able to hear it and it will direct you to their own music you might like.

Comment: Just don't see the point (Score 1) 230

by bobjr94 (#49178381) Attached to: Will you be using a mobile payment system?
Takes 5 seconds to swipe a card in put in a pin #, sending payments on my phone is likely not a time saver. I'm more likely to leave home with out my phone than wallet and just don't see a need to use it. Mainly the only people who will use it are people who just want it so they can tell people they use it.

Comment: There is no 3 or 4th place 'winners' (Score 1) 166

by bobjr94 (#49142287) Attached to: Microsoft's Goals For Their New Web Rendering Engine
Just like with their phones, tablets and bing, they should have learned there isn't much demand for a 3rd or 4th place product. People who like Chrome will stick with it, people who like Firefox will stick with it. They may get a few people who switch from IE to this, but many of them will just keep using the newest version of IE. In the end, I won't use it or put it on any of our workplace computers. Any browser by microsoft will be tied to closely to the operating system, keeping the doorway unlocked for viruses.

Comment: Why bother with tiny data limits (Score 1) 71

by bobjr94 (#49124851) Attached to: UK Scientists Claim 1Tbps Data Speed Via Experimental 5G Technology
Companies like verizon think bandwidth is scarce and charge crazy overage fees if you even think of going over. I can't even math that well, but seems with 100% saturation, you would use up a 4gb data plan, use another 121gb in overages in 1 second. At their current rate of 15$ per gb, that first 1 second would costs you little over $1800.

Comment: No thanks (Score 1) 138

by bobjr94 (#49053693) Attached to: Apple Hiring Automotive Experts
I want a basic car, with user replaceable parts. Not an all in one system that will not be supported after 2 years. Thats why so many people have little 80$ gps units stuck on their dash even though their car has gps. Either it doesn't work and to repair it would cost 800$, it needs a map update and the dealer wants $250 for a 3 year old map set or its useability is so bad the owners do not want to mess with it. European cars are terrible at useability, they say some bmw's and audi's take 7 steps to go from changing the heater setting to get back to the radio menu to change the preset to another station. I want separate heater controls, with knobs and buttons and not goto 2 menus and a submenu on a touchscreen. I also want a radio unit, standard din sizing, easily replaceable.

Comment: Re:More proof (Score 4, Interesting) 196

by bobjr94 (#48958857) Attached to: Music Doesn't Feature In the Pirate Bay's Top 100 Biggest Torrents
Pretty much. Our kids just listen to songs off youtube all the time on their phones, don't really care if they actually have the song stored on their device or just stream it. Kids now a days have a hard time telling the difference between local and cloud storage and playing or streaming. But youtube does not have HD audio, even their HD sized video streams still have a very low audio bandwidth, about the same audio bitrate as a typical itunes song. And the small mobile sized video streams have pretty low audio quality. But then again most people don't care. What was the joke a few years ago; $250,000 recording session, $100,000 mixing, $70,000 mastering session to a 99 cent song played though $4.99 earbuds grabbed at the market next to the gum and candy.

Comment: Seattle does the same thing (Score 2) 152

by bobjr94 (#48914255) Attached to: DEA Cameras Tracking Hundreds of Millions of Car Journeys Across the US
In Seattle they have patrol cars parked around the city with special license plate reader equipment than scan and record all passing cars. They say its only for finding stolen cars and wanted felons. But when asked by news media how long they keep these records, they said forever. They don't see a reason why they should not keep a database where a person drives and how often.

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