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Comment: Re:Oh boy! (Score 1) 127 127

I finally left firefox build around 35 or 36. I tried 64 bit versions and had the same problems. I had been using it since way back when it was mozilla and netscape.

Just couldnt take it anymore. First, when I only had 2 or 3 tabs open, say shopping on amazon, ebay and google, it would totally freeze for 5-10 seconds all the time. No reason for that on a machine with 4 to 6 core cpu and 8 to 20+GB of ram. Then you open firefox, visit one page, and it's using 900MB of ram, open 3 tabs and it taking over a GB. Been using chrome for maybe 6 months now, it's fast (even with 10+ tabs open) and the UI dosent change every month.

Comment: Sometime, Im surprised it still works (Score 1) 152 152

In a tightly packed neighborhood or apartments you may have 20-30+ wifi hotspots within rage at any time, probably half of them seem to be on channel 6. I'm surprised they still work at all given the overlap in signals coming from devices from various manufactures made over the past 15 years. Then older non-wifi friendly stuff that pretty much kills any nearby wifi signals like wireless cameras, old cordless phones, baby monitors and more.

Comment: Re:Hmmm. Sponsor copyright free music? (Score 1) 389 389

That's alot of work for a coffee shop that hardly turns a profit in the first place, hiring song writers and musicians to record songs for them. They are probably looking at $500 per song. You would want atleast 50 songs per day to prevent the same 5 from repeating 20 times per day. The safest thing is just play the radio, or get something like xm for business, its about $30 a month and they pay the performance rights, as its specifically for restaurants and places of business.

Comment: Thats is stupid for many reasons (Score 1) 389 389

Given the value of a song seems to be 99 cents, they are claiming damages of $24,000 ? So they are saying by this place playing 4 songs, they lost $24,000 in lost sales and there for each person in the restaurant would have bought these songs 500 times, if they didn't get a free performance. These laws are dumb and have no real word fair value, it's all a made up amount by lawyers. btw: If you want to be safe, play the radio or a for business radio service (like xm radio for business), they deal with licensing.

Comment: Re:And here I am about to ditch Chrome... (Score 0) 102 102

I finally left firefox for chrome for the exact same reason. After visiting 2 or 3 web sites, FF would be using almost 1GB or ram. When I had just 4 or 5 tabs open, like facebook ,amazon, ebay FF would totally stop, freezing for 5-10 seconds and having to just sit there and wait. With chrome, I can have 10+ tabs running and never have a slowdown. Firefox seems to just get worse and worse going from 32-36 to whatever they are on now. I was a faithful user, using the line since it was netscape.

Comment: I noticed that on my own phone (Score 1) 92 92

I did a wipe/reset on my samsung before, I was surprised it still had the pictures, downloads and some bits of old apps in various folders. But I can see why, Im sure some people do unnecessary resets when they think something is wrong with their phone and they dont want to deal with people complaining they lost all their important photos. That they never backed up of course.

Comment: Re:A GPS company. (Score 1) 71 71

I'm just happy with my +/- 12 ft or 3M accuracy. But I know when Apple put this in their Iphone 8 or 9 and advertises improved GPS accuracy, people will be complaining the pre-orders should have started already I need to buy one today....In a mass market mobile device, I still wouldn't expect accuracy greater than 6ft. Commercial gps units, like used by surveyors, can be accurate with in 2MM, but that requires the device to be rock steady and not moved for 45+ minutes.

Comment: It's over now (Score 1, Insightful) 369 369

People have found different brands they like better, they have no reason to come back. Licensing more bands of pods to work with your DRM machines is not the same as getting rid of it. People know that and will continue to avoid them.

They had a good thing 2-3 years ago, every office and kitchen had a Keurig. they got greedy and lost it all. Like the story of the farmer killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, to try and get all the gold at once.

Comment: Yes, but don't be a dick about it. (Score 1) 509 509

Your not a cameraman for COPS. To the officer your just some guy getting in the way of him doing his job.

Get back out of the auction, don't put yourself between the officer and his person of interest. Some of these youtube and liveleak videos the stupid guy with the cell phone is right up next to the cops, either getting in his way so he has to keep walking around him or standing right behind him. Don't act like a 4 year old and start asking the cop ' what are you doing, what did he do, why are you doing that, is he in trouble, what's you name ? '
Cops don't like people to be standing directly behind them, are you getting ready to jump him, you gonna video yourself shooting a cop when he's not looking, are you buddies with the guy he trying to arrest ? And don't say freedom of the press if you do not have press credentials. Everyone has a blog, tumblr or twitter but that does not make them a reporter.

Comment: I finally switched from FF to Chrome (Score 1) 240 240

Ive been using FF or more recently Waterfox for I dont even know how long but with each release it gets slower and slower. When having 7-10 tabs open including ebay, amazon and other shopping sites it stops for 5-10 seconds at a time. It never use to do that, that problem showed up in the 30 somethings. Memory use climbs to 1GB+ after in first few website, I got tired of sitting and waiting for it to continue while Im at work and yes, disabled adblock and other plugins and did not solve the problem.
I must admit, even though I loved FF in the past, but Chrome is much better, it's faster and says faster.

Comment: Thats why I always laugh at CSI (Score 1) 105 105

The neighbor has a camera, hack into his internet and lets see it.

First, you need his IP address, then is his router even port mapped to his camera to allow internet viewing and what port, what brand is his brand and model is the camera so you can get the right viewing software and what about the username and password he likely has to access the cameras ? Or does a CSI team have universal backdoor access to all devices.

Give me 5 seconds....Ok Im in, Im pulling up lastnight's video now....

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