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Comment Kind of 1 & 4 (Score 1) 168

We have a computer at work with one of them, back when the owner use to use IE for everything, I removed the icons to it a few years ago so can use chrome with adblock .He actually got the virus from an ad running on msn, not a pirate or download site. Soon he loaded the page everything closed and said illegal software was detected and we had to pay the fbi like $800 to restore our computer. No icons, autoclosed task manager instantly if you tried ctl-alt-del or any other keyboard commands. It took a bit of work but think I booted it in safe mode command line, ran a command line based anti-malware, then went back and un-hid all the files and folders it locked away

Comment Re:I always assumed they were (Score 4, Informative) 220

Just like the story a few years ago about the ATM locks. The atm maker had a picture of a key on their website and click here to order keys. Someone just printed the key out, and filed a blank to match the picture and it worked. They posted the actual image of the master real key on their website. A good locksmith can look at a key and say ' thats a G87 blank with a 4,3,6,3,2 cut' .

Comment Re:People limited to 10 GB/mo (Score 1) 217

Same here. Thats why I cant play games anymore. They all want to be downloaded, then constantly updated or you can't play until you get the update. We cant get cable or dsl, we use expensive verizon lte and cant watch netflix, youtube and have to turn off autoupdates on all out computers, phones and tablets. The only games I can play are pirated versions, downloaded someplace else and brought home. They come as a complete download, ready to install and patched to not go online to check for updates.

Comment Re:inertia (Score 1) 354

But likely listening to a cd was just done via an analog input on the soundcard, the cd drive was doing the digital to audio conversion so it wasnt really using any resources. But yes, i multitaskeds on win 3.1 also with some minor programs, game of course sucked and had to reboot in dos mode to play them. What was my sound card setting again ? set blaster a220 i7 d1

Comment dont try tmobile (Score 1) 142

They may look good, low prices and no overage charger (only reduced speed) but for most of the country it will have no service or Edge (slow 2g). We have tmobile and it sucks when traveling. Soon as your outside a city you loose coverage. Try verizon, best coverage but most expensive. Turn off all your iphone autoupdates for both system and apps, that will help.

Comment I have a great TP Link router (Score 1) 278

and it cost about $25 on newegg, I use it for the kid's wifi, it shuts off at 10pm during the week. Last time I looked, it said uptime was about 254 days, I have much more expensive routers that cant go nearly that long without needing reboots. I have zero interest on these $200+ routers everyone is dumping on the market now, even with google branding.

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I get the notification. (Score 1) 126

Pretty much. We got a few galaxy relays when they first came out about 3 years ago, in that time there was 1 update. Im now running a 3rd party rom, debloated, many new security updates and features with longer battery life an faster performance as a bonus. Why offer updates for old phones when people can just go buy a new one.

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