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Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 370

ebay. go searching Like I did. pay about $400-$450 for a good one that runs only android, dont touch the crap that runs Windows CE/Android.

no SKU as china has a law against sku's and they murder the families of companies that use SKU's or any real markings. and about 30 companies all sell variations of the same thing.

Comment Re:It could work. (Score 0) 630

It's not a theory, it's the truth.

In fact the mkLinux you mention was originally a port done by two guys named Mark and Karl, hence "mk".

Steve Jobs saw Slackware on a CD and, being that he wanted to see the floppy disk die, he chose that distro to port as Mac OSX. Most other distros at that point were still on floppy disk. Woz and Seymour Cray were drinking buddies so when they needed some high performance multi-threading support from Cray's UNICOS system, Woz tapped his pal and got access to the necessary code for a handshake rather than the usual multi-million dollar licensing fees.

The whole "NeXTSTEP" thing was to fool investors into thinking they had a solid product, not something they hacked out over a few weeks. In fact if you do any development on Mac OSX or iOS, you will see "ns_____" things called all the time. The "ns" does not mean "NextStep" as many people think. It means "Nice Seymour" as a tip of the hat to the man that made all that code available for free.

I remember all this like it was yesterday.

Comment Re:It could work. (Score 0) 630

Nope. OSX is a fork/mix of early Slackware Linux with some earlier Cray UNICOS multi-threading library support.

NeXTSTEP is based on AT&T SysV UNIX with graphical libraries borrowed from Ashton-Tate's (ahead of its time) Framework suite. If memory serves I think they also uses some of CP/M's successor MP/M 86 for some sweet multiuser stuff.

I remember it all like it was yesterday!

Comment ad hominem (Score 1) 630

This seems like a dig at Sarah Sharp, implying that she hasn't contributed anything, and further implying that one's argument is wrong or unworthy if you haven't contributed work. This is basically ad hominem. Whether someone has contributed work is irrelevant to whether their argument is sound or not.

Comment Re:How it should be (Score 1) 630

Sadly I predict that many comments here won't get that. They will instead call him a pussy because he couldn't stand the heat, and acted like a girl by leaving. Let's see if I'm right.

If people sling misogynistic, sexist comments like that at him, then I'd say he was absolutely right.

Referring to women's genitals or their gender to insult a man is doubly sexist and inappropriate.

Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 370

Mine do, in fact the double din I installed in the wifes civic has a ODB-II Canbus input so it can do fully adjustable dim levels with the dash lighting and speed sensitive volume adjust. But I also can look at all the ODB information in any android app I install.

It runs plain old Android 4.2.2 and is a china wing-wang-wong no name brand. does more things than the top of the line Pioneer or JVC can.

Comment Re:Either the companies will fix this, or (Score 1) 171

Either the companies will fix this, or the market will. If guys from Fanduel are winning big by playing at Draftkings and vice versa, no one who is not in the know will play.

Only if they're found out. Who knows how many DraftKing and FanDuel employees have been using this strategy? This kind of scam can be very hard for the users to detect so you end up with a lot of people getting scammed and legitimate businesses with no easy way to distinguish themselves from the crooked businesses.

Plus there's an externalization problem, it's the FanDuel users that were harmed by the actions of the DraftKing employee. Those two are big enough to cooperate in keeping their employees playing fairly but there's nothing to stop an employee from a smaller site pulling a similar scam on FanDuel or DraftKing.

Comment Re:It could work. (Score 2) 630

Good thing you mentioned Apple's OSX, I forgot about that one in my well-researched history.

OSX is a fork of Linux, Slackware specifically, which itself is some original old Linux code with some Cray UNICOS bolted on for what was then some decent HPC.

Comment It could work. (Score 4, Funny) 630

Remember that forks sometimes do succeed.

Take Linux. It forked from OpenBSD which itself was forked from QNX with smatterings of FreeBSD code.

QNX programmed itself from vacuum tubes and trace wires left on the ground at Quantum Software in Ottawa one evening. Dan Hildebrand (RIP) apparently had something to do with this metamorphosis.

Meanwhile across the ocean, FreeBSD was forked from Windows 95 which itself came from the unholy union of MS-DOS and the GEM environment. MS-DOS was bought from a company in Washington State and was a fork of CP/M. GEM was a stand alone thing and should never have been born.

Where was I? Oh yeah, CP/M. CP/M was a copy of Apple's SOS used in the Apple /// series of super-powerful business computers. The source code was left at an airport where Gary Kildall read it when his plane was on auto-pilot.

Apple SOS was a mix/fork of Apple ProDOS and TRS-80's OS; I forget the name, not important. Radio Shack forked their TRS-80 OS from some source code they saw in Lions' Commentary on UNIX 6th Edition.


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