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+ - Distributed Computing on Mobiles->

Submitted by bobby1234
bobby1234 writes: Back End provider Kinvey has an interesting article about an app called the Evolution Prize. The app is trying to solve the Heritage Provider Network Health Prize (http://www.heritagehealthprize.com/c/hhp) using Genetic Programming and off loading the compute to individual's Mobiles (SETI@Home style).

At first this seems crazy but then you begin to realise that the modern mobile is actually a pretty fast device (relatively speaking). Add to that most mobiles sit idle at night after spending only a couple of actual hours charging and that there are a ever increasing number of smart phones out there and you might have a ripe opportunity for distributed computing!

So Slashdot what do you think the practicality is of distributed computing using mobiles? A dead end or a new paradigm?

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Comment: Re:No (Score 2) 175

by bobby1234 (#40192289) Attached to: Is Australia's CSIRO a Patent Troll?

correct. And they allow others to use their invention if they pay an agreed royalty.

Otherwise there wouldn't be any incentive for them to invent new things. They spent time and money creating the new tech and they need to get a return. As they are not a product company then they rely upon royalties and such to keep inventing the next great thing!

Comment: Context vs platform tweeking (Score 3, Interesting) 649

by bobby1234 (#39314575) Attached to: <em>Battleheart</em> Developer Drops Android As 'Unsustainable'

I think you will find his complaint was that he was spending all his time making up for androids fragmentation and thus not producing content.

He uses Unity which is a great tool for doing much of the underlying work so the developer can focus more on the game. But if android is dragging him back to messing around with boring details (platform specific and multiple variation for that platform) then the cost/fun/productivity balance gets all wonky.

Comment: Copiers not innovators (Score 0) 542

by bobby1234 (#38500742) Attached to: Techrights Recommends An Apple Boycott

Apple has led the way with its design in the Music Player, OS, Phone, Tablet etc markets. Hardware wise they aren't great money for value but add in the design and ease of use and you have a leading product.

Many of the copiers haven't innovated at all they have just copied Apple's original work and many times missed the point of the Apple Designs.

I am not a great supporter of Patents but Apple has the right to try and protect its IP from cheap knockoffs.

Many of these companies would be much better off trying to work out Apples design DNA and innovate the market (not just copy).

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+ - Remote Controlled Tanks you can drive over the net->

Submitted by
bobby1234 writes: "A new type of online game has launched at www.rctiger.com that connects up Real Remote Controlled Tanks (1/24 Scale) to the internet. You can drive them around in real time and battle it out, even firing at other tanks straight through your browser. Wicked fun driving these things around. Something positively surreal about driving real hardware around via your internet connection. They are European based so lag becomes a problem for some people. You have to pay to play but there is a complimentary (as in beer) weekend this weekend, were you can just log in and have a go. They aren't running 24x7 at the moment so you need to check out the front page for the session times. Looks like they are streaming the games live via Justin.tv on their front page and there is a YouTube video showing how the game looks when you play. Something quite unique and revolutionary!"
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Comment: Pay per Play (Score 1) 230

by bobby1234 (#27177801) Attached to: Is Free Really the Future of Gaming?

I have some friends that have put together a online game that uses remote controlled tanks.

They cannot use ads as they only have a few tanks. Sponsors... maybe but again stuck with low volume. So they are trying pay per play.

have a look at it http://www.rctiger.com/

great idea... not sure if it is going to work though!!

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