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Comment Re:Nissan the next Volkswagen (Score 1) 135

> surveys with the younger generation that came to the conclusion that, according to Nissan, young people
> "feel that time spent in a car should be time for connecting and sharing experiences with friends."

It's kind of obvious, since these young people ARE IN THE BACK SEAT, texting and sharing with friends.

Comment Re:Wait til the kids start putting Telsa doors (Score 1) 322

> Most garage doors are at least 7 foot tall, and 8 foot & taller are becoming far more common.

A good example of US-centric thinking on your part.
While most people who can afford a Tesla probably have a decent garage (not even all, in historic centers), I've been in many Asian and European public parkings where headroom was severely limited.

Comment Re:Wait til the kids start putting Telsa doors (Score 1) 322

Gullwing are one-piece doors which swing outwards, hitting nearby cars, poles, bikes and pedestrians. Parking requires planning.
The Tesla version has two hinges, so it swings up more than out, reducing the risk of hitting anything.

Obviously, they were designed by someone who has unlimited garage headroom, and doesn't regularly find a foot of snow on top of his car...

Comment That'll teach you... (Score 4, Insightful) 301

When Toyota had the audacity of becoming number 1, their CEO got dragged in front of the US congress about some acceleration issues.
VW just made the mistake of becoming number 1, and suddenly we discover they've been cheating at emissions. Expect a congress hearing and lots of demands for sanctions.

Was there a punishment when GM recently had a major oops?