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+ - Latest AACS revision defeated a week before releas

Submitted by
stevedcc writes "Ars Technica is running a story about next week's release of AACS, which is intended to fix the current compromises. The only problem is, the patched version has already been cracked. From the article:

Despite the best efforts of the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) Licensing Administration (AACS LA), content pirates remain one step ahead. A new volume key used by high-def films scheduled for release next week has already been cracked.

+ - A Threat to Free Legal Guitar Tab Online

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Recently Hal Leonard Corporation (the world's largets songbook publisher) sent an E-Mail to the music publishing and copyright community urging them not to license guitar tablature for free, advertising supported use online. The e-mail includes a number of factual errors and was potentially very damaging to the potential for a free, legal and licensed destination for guitar tab online. Musicnotes and MXTabs have posted the full letter, plus their response here: Hal Leonard Corporation's E-Mail to Music Publishing Community, Plus Response from MXTabs"

+ - Earth's landlord is throwing us out

Submitted by mcgrew
mcgrew (666) writes "New Scientist reports that the solar system will be thrown from the galaxy five billion years from now. Our galaxy will pass close to Andromeda two billion years from now, swing back around, and the two galaxies will merge.

Where will the Sun end up in this mammoth galactic union? 'We're living in the suburbs of the Milky Way right now, but we're likely to move much farther out after the coming cosmic smash-up,' concludes T J Cox from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US.

These two galaxies are currently rushing towards each other at about 120 kilometres per second and will likely collide in future. Now Cox and his CfA colleague Avi Loeb have run computer simulations of this collision, using 2.6 million particles to model the matter in both galaxies and in intergalactic space.

+ - Depletion Levels in Ghawar

Submitted by
Prof. Goose
Prof. Goose writes "

Ghawar is the largest conventional oil field in the world. The field is entirely owned and operated by Saudi Aramco, the nationalized Saudi oil company. Relatively little is known about Ghawar because the company and Saudi government closely guard field performance information and per-field production details. Available information is predominantly historical (pre-nationalization), from incidental technical publications, or anecdotal.

The reason to understand Ghawar is simple: If Ghawar is in decline, it is very highly likely that world supply has plateaued.

In this post, Stuart Staniford has put together what may end up being the definitive piece of research on the world's largest field. It is an amazing tome, bringing together his fascinating original research and the extant research on Ghawar. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is written in an accessible style."

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