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Benefits that people working 2 or 3 part-time jobs don't get.

Even for employees without much in the way of the way of health insurance, life insurance, or disability insurance pre-tax compensation, employers still need to pay their part of Social Security & Medicare, Federal unemployment insurance, state unemployment insurance, and workers' compensation insurance as part of total hourly compensation.

Across all workers, the cost of legally required benefits is actually as much as the total cost of employer-provided health insurance. See this breakdown for more info.

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"Why the asylums were closed is anyone's guess."

In California, the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act was passed "To end the inappropriate, indefinite, and involuntary commitment of mentally disordered persons, people with developmental disabilities, and persons impaired by chronic alcoholism."

The goal of Deinstitutionalization was that instead of being warehoused in huge, remote institutions, mental patients should be returned to communities where, with help, they might achieve some function in society. Unfortunately there was not much funding for the second part, plus some patients chose the streets if they were not involuntarily committed. Thus many deinstitutionalized patients became homeless.

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by Temkin (#46764257) Attached to: San Francisco's Housing Crisis Explained

THE reason California's personal income taxes are so high is that nothing can be collected through property taxes. Property taxes in California are in a perverse way the same as rent control. The property tax pricing has gotten so far out of whack due to Prop 13 formulas that the only way the state can get any revenue is on personal income tax. Of course where people always own home, personal income tax is cyclical so a lot of the boom - bust cycle plays out in California's budgets because the state is levered up on the economy. Economy does well, everything is great. Economy does poorly, whole thing fall down.

Dig a little deeper:

Prop 13 sets municipalities AGAINST housing. Since they can't get their money in property taxes, they take a chunk up front in planning and permit fee's. Last time I checked, many bay area cities are charging upwards of $140k in planning and permit fee's to build a single family home. That means that the barest wreck of a house with a valid occupancy permit is worth $140k. So that jacks up the prices of all houses, and gives them one way to get around prop 13.

The next way is to encourage you to move every few years. If you stay in your house, they never get to reset the property valuation. My parents are paying tax rates that last saw a major adjustment in 1978. I work in tech, making good money, and I can't afford to buy the house across the street from them in the east bay neighborhood I grew up in. So I commute in from a horrible distance, and hope I can make enough coin to move back in closer. When I do, the cities get to reassess the value of the house I sell and the new one I buy. The result of this is the transit problems never get entirely fixed. Most of the bay area freeways were built in the 20 years following WWII. Now days they have simple bypasses and rail extensions that have 20 year planning timeframes, and 10+ year construction times.

On the whole, California has rigged its economy to blow bubbles. That's how the cities and municipalities get by with the wreckage left behind by 40 years of NIMBY, tax and spend on free everything vs. proto-TEA Party types, all with the ability to amend the state constitution with 50% + 1 vote... The rich banker types have it down.... Let the system blow a bubble, cash out & crash, reshuffle, repeat. The people are just pawns.

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by Temkin (#46760927) Attached to: Intuit, Maker of Turbotax, Lobbies Against Simplified Tax Filings

"If you take productive money and piss it away on boondoggle projects instead of useful purposes then it's a complete loss for the economy."

What about the most massive boondoggle project in history: World War II?

Massive increase in government spending, massing increase in government debt and massive increase in taxes all to build highly specialized equipment, ship it over seas and where it gets blown up.

The result: decades of economic growth and prosperity ending only with the rise of neo-Liberalism.

Stop it. You are making too much sense.

You forgot the bit about only certain countries having any factories left at the end of WWII...

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by TheSync (#46758575) Attached to: Netflix Gets What It Pays For: Comcast Streaming Speeds Skyrocket

What you "pay for" is "internet access UP TO X speed".

And the key is that there is oversubscription at the end user cable modem. If everyone was doing time multiplexed operations (like web browsing), each burst of your transmission would likely be near full speed. But when you and all your neighbors are watching Netflix at night at the same time, the network becomes oversubscribed and speeds drop.

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I'm inclined to go lynch 10,000 homosexuals, just so people would get to see what real discrimination looks like...

Gee, then you must be happy about Matthew Shepard, Brandon Teena, Gary Matson and Winfield Mowder, Arthur Warren, etc.

Plenty of gay people are violently attacked, discriminated against in housing and business, etc.

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