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Comment Paranoid much? (Score 2, Interesting) 471

Good grief you are paranoid. People spread misinformation and lies about my department on a daily basis. No one cares. You really think some information of questionable validity about some local agency is going to result in a super-secret national alliance of corrupt local agency hit squad coming to find you and search your mom's basement only to have any evidence obtained thrown out for a 4th amendment violation? You watch too many movies, dude.

Comment Re:XP is what to beat - not Vista (Score 2, Interesting) 689

Considering they all have, no. However, a brand new OS that can take advantage of all the latest hardware acceleration and other goodies plus scale back and run (still with a full GUI and graphic effects) on a slow 1.0 Ghz processor with 1GB of memory is indeed impressive.

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