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Comment: Re:BART (Score 2) 125

by bluemonq (#45498015) Attached to: Failed Software Upgrade Halts Transit Service

> 30 years later they extended to one of them but you still have to transfer to a bus for the last mile on another.

Pity you didn't have a spare $100 million a couple decades ago. I'm SURE you'd have been willing to pay for it, right? The extension to SFO wasn't built until recent times because back in the '60s San Mateo County quit the BART project, and the money wasn't around until the tech bubble started growing; ground was broken in 1997. The Oakland extension wasn't started until recently (opens in 2014) because again, there wasn't any money for it. The only reason it's getting built now is because Feds are footing a good chunk of the bill. OAK wasn't even all that popular an airport until last decade, after their renovation.

Comment: Re:BART has drivers. (Score 4, Interesting) 125

by bluemonq (#45497965) Attached to: Failed Software Upgrade Halts Transit Service

You've almost certainly never ridden BART, much less seen the driver's cab. Why do I say this? Because there's a section of the BART system (the Oakland Wye, bane of commuters who want to get anywhere during rush hour) where drivers are instructed to go to manual control, limited to 25 MPH. It's the result of your vaunted "automated" system designed in the '60s never having worked properly in the past 50 years, and one of the contributing factors to a crash in 2009 (thankfully no one was seriously injured). There are many well-documented incidents of entire train sets disappearing from the computer system, as well as "ghost" trains randomly appearing.

Here is what an actual BART cab looks like:

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>You certainly would use streaming audio in that situation...

Considering the size of a music file, you would most likely already have the entire song buffered, so that's pointless.

>And you might check your phone when getting out of the car and send a message of some kind.

Easy solution: system waits to switch from cellular to WiFi until after the message has been sent.

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by bluemonq (#42149527) Attached to: 4 Microsoft Engineers Predicted DRM Would Fail 10 Years Ago

Actually AZW has long been cracked. It was initially done to create DRM-free copies that Amazon could not revoke (remember the incident with 1984?). Of course, there are those who use it to share ebooks without permission to do so. There is even a plugin that integrates into Calibre to strip DRM out of your books,

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Is it really that friggin' difficult to read the summary? 'They shared their activity between each other and she noticed he was active at 1-2AM, when he was supposed to be home.' She didn't gain access to his location, he gained access to the fact that he was moving around. Presumably on most days, he would be asleep, as opposed to being active.

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