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Comment Re:First rebellion (Score 1) 703 703

The issue here that allowed the collapse appears to be the issue of campaign finance (lobbying) and biased media coverage.

Or when you start removing the built in security to the system it helps progress the collapse faster. Like when we killed the states rights and gave the people the right to vote for the Senate which allows lobbying to have a greater affect on the system by needing the candidates in the senate race to campaign more instead of keeping the people in the state government happy.

Comment Re:that's already happened (Score 1) 167 167

plus side #1: it tends to get washed away after a few rains. nagasaki and hiroshima were nuked with plutonium,

Actually Hiroshima was nuked with uranium in a uranium gun type bomb but Nagasaki used the plutonium implosion bomb like we used at Trinity, but your point remains.

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