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Comment: Re:Sexism (Score 4, Interesting) 246

by blippo (#48151505) Attached to: Facebook and Apple Now Pay For Female Employees To Freeze Their Eggs

No, this is sexism against women.

First - freezing the eggs is simple, but getting them is not. It's not risk-free, and not at all a non-event. If you do not believe me, stab yourself in the balls with knitting needles 20 times after giving yourself a hormone injection every day for a few weeks.

Second. Signalling that healthy women should consider infertility treatment is just absurd. If they work so much now so they don't have time to find someone, is this really the solution to the correct problem?

Helping women (and men) with fertility problems is noble and good (maybe - it's also very hard to adopt children.) But pitched like this, it's just sick.

Comment: Re:Application sandboxing (Score 1) 577

by blippo (#48043187) Attached to: Will Windows 10 Finally Address OS Decay?

Is that it? I have needed to reinstall my phones, consistently after a few month although I haven't installed any new apps, etc.
It usually goes to a point where it takes 5-6 seconds for the phone to respond when answering a call - after the last reset,
the performance deteriorated rather soon again. Very annoying.

Comment: Re: that depends (Score 1) 511

by blippo (#47746247) Attached to: If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?

I don't think the language itself is bad - there is not much bloat left in java8. The bloat is coming from code coventions and jee. And perhaps some retarded APIs - most of the core APIs are rather nice. Maybe low level programming is a bit awkward but doable, and i suppose you need C and assembly for AAA game engines.

There are a lot of architecture astronauts and other complicators using Java, that's for certain.

The JVM is rather fast once it's started, but that takes a while.

Comment: Re:Dead as a profit source for Symantec, well, ... (Score 2) 331

by blippo (#47687945) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Dead Is Antivirus, Exactly?

Since the industry managed to turn against the users and trust only the media industry, the "trusted computing" solution is not a viable option.

Othervise, it would have been nice to allow only certain binaries or software developers/publishers to run. It would also be nice to sign the binaries
and not allow changes.

Since the user seems to be the least trusted element, and that it seems that I have to blindly trust 200+ root certificate signers when using the web,
there is no use in pretending that there exist any computer security at all. Anyone that is motivated enough will be able to run an executable on your machine.

Comment: Re:ATO - GoA 4 (Score 1) 84

by blippo (#47588701) Attached to: Driverless Buses Ruled Out For London, For Now

It's a trillion times easier than driving a car.

The existing train protection systems have a map of the track with speed limits, acceleration and braking gradients, and what not.
Moving the trains automatically is "solved" with a huge amount of engineering, but it's hardly AI. You still need a pair of eyes to monitor everything.

The "fuzzy" problems that probably need some kind of AI includes:
  - Detecting obstacles on the track ( not that important, nothing is supposed to be near the tracks anyway.)
- Operating the doors in a safe manner. (hard)
- Detecting derailment and other fault conditions. (hard) ... and probably a thousand other tasks that is done by a human. Reacting to fault conditions for instance (very hard)

Comment: Re: People pay for music? (Score 1) 364

by blippo (#47258741) Attached to: Google: Indie Musicians Must Join Streaming Service Or Be Removed

Well...what would actually happen years and years before the level of AI that is required for prime directives, is that a slight error in the *very detailed* map used for navigation - in combination with an unexpected external factor, will cause a car to happily run over half a school class without even noticing.

And it will be so far from human reasoning and performance that self driving cars will be banned.

Comment: Re:Tesla (Score 1) 394

by blippo (#46569001) Attached to: Is the Tesla Model S Pedal Placement A Safety Hazard?

I can top that; I did exactly that in an intersection while towing a trailer. :-)

The clutch requires rather more force than the brake so it really puts the car to a stop, and you have absolutely no idea why.
If you are driving a manual, try braking gently with your left foot to see what I mean...

I've stomped on the brake at least once almost every time i've use a manual car, and it's certain situations that triggers it - typically when I'm focused more on navigation than driving...

Seems to be hard to unlearn... ( Like those random emacs sequences that sometimes spontaneously emits while I'm using other tools...)

Comment: Re:It's about time! (Score 1) 1431

by blippo (#45959705) Attached to: Man Shot To Death For Texting During Movie

No it isn't.

It's a total loss for civilization, what it is.

There is now a disabled widow and a fatherless child.

A moviegoer have been killed because he texted his (presumably) babysitter, *before* the movie.

As a moviegoer I'm not really seeing the upside of getting shot, so I guess I'll just stay home.

And as several idiots at slashdot has modded this comment, not as troll, or even funny, but fucking insightful,
I've come to the conclusion that I've wasted too much time in my life reading comments on Slashdot,
which was apparently totally pointless too.


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