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Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 705

And that is the root cause of this whole situation. We need to find a way to change the overall mindset (especially in these here Unitee States) towards other people's personal sexual congresses. Not only should it be nobody else's business, but nobody should even **care** what some person they're neither related to nor dating is doing.

If someone's cheating on a spouse (and the spouse does not approve of extramarital sex), the spouse will likely find out one way or another at some point. What happens to the couple is up to them. But what your employees, or Congressional reps, or sports/music/theatre idols do in their personal lives including sex, just plain shouldn't matter.

I agree with your larger point, other people's sex lives are none of our business. Unless they make it our business. If a Congressman campaigns against homosexual activity and then gets caught engaging in homosexual activity, that is our business. The same for so called "Family Values." Anyone making claims to some sort of puritanical ethic and trying to force that ethic on others.

Basically, anyone vilifying other people for their personal activities is fair game.

Comment Things replaced by my smartphone... (Score 1) 102

Things replaced by my smartphone: Land line, physical books, Game Boy, micro-cassette recorder, calculator, camera, walk-man, PDA, flash cards, timer, alarm clock, flash light, stupid keychain barcode cards, notepad, walkie-talkie, portable DVD player, and ...

One more thing... Swatch

Comment Re:Sucks they're dividing efforts between Dart &am (Score 4, Informative) 221

Dart is an awesome language, and we have nearly a million lines of it running both client-side web and server-side. It is a spectacular language. Go is probably better on the server side, but you can't ignore the web. Imagine how much nicer Dart could be if they weren't distracted by Go.

Google has over 50,000 employees. They can do more than one thing at a time.

Comment Re:Classic FUD (Score 1) 373

Nonsense, there is tech that can recover car from armed assailant as he drives away. You'll be replacing window, bumper (corpses don't brake) and needing blood cleaned from upholstery, and having to respond to law enforcement with "correct" answers but all that cost is small compared to price of car. Also society benefits from removal of scum bag.

If you are not in physical danger (and if he's driving away, you are not), then firing your gun in public is usually considered bad form.

Comment Re:Bold ingenuity? (Score 1) 234

Or you could, you know, tell all those rich idiots who insist on acre-sized green lawns in the middle of the desert "tough luck".

how about we tell all those idiots who insist on a city-sized sprawl of assholes in the middle of the desert without capturing any water worth mentioning even though enough rain falls on it in the average year to serve 100% of their needs "tough luck"? I'm tired of draining California dry so that socal can have water it should never have had.

I don't like sprawl and we could be a lot smarter about collecting water. That said, 80% of our water goes to agriculture which gets water dirt cheap (pardon the pun.) Now try convincing the ag-lobby to pay their fair share for water and related infrastructure (capture, desalination, etc...)

Comment Re:Corporations should not set the agenda of educa (Score 1) 38

Bother is? Bother was? Something belongs to a bother?

Seriously dude, bother's???

Yes, I made a typo on a forum that does not allow editing and you, oh great and noble AC, have shown the light of your vast intellect upon it. No idea why I accidentally typed that apostrophe. But thank you for focussing your attention on that rather than the actual content of the comment I made.

I shall henceforth start all of my posts with a trigger warning that I may occasionally make a mistake when composing a message and that people afflicted with various forms of grammatical, syntactical or orthographical OCD should have their psychological support system readily available before reading the message.


Video Tim O'Reilly and the 'WTF?!' Economy (Video) 111

This is a conversation Tim Lord had with Tim O'Reilly at OSCON. Tim O'Reilly wrote an article titled "The WTF Economy,", which started with these words: "WTF?! In San Francisco, Uber has 3x the revenue of the entire prior taxi and limousine industry." He talks about Uber and AirbnB and how, with real-time measurement of customer demand, "The algorithm is the new shift boss." And then there is this question: "What is the future when more and more work can be done by intelligent machines instead of people, or only done by people in partnership with those machines?"

My (late) father was an engineer. Politically, you could have called him a TechnoUtopian. He believed -- along with most of his engineer, ham radio, and science fiction writer and reader friends -- that as machines took over the humdrum tasks, humans would work less and create more. O'Reilly seems to have similar beliefs, even though (unlike my father) he's seen the beginnings of an economy with self-driving cars and trucks, factory machines that don't need humans to run them, and many other changes the 1950s and 1960s futurists didn't expect to see until we had flying cars and could buy tickets on Pan Am flights to the moon. Listening to these conversations, I remember my father's dreams, but O'Reilly isn't as optimistic as a full-blown TechnoUtopian. He takes a "Something's happening here; what it is ain't exactly clear" view of how work (and pay for work) will change in the near future. Please note that Tim O'Reilly has been called "The Oracle of Silicon Valley," so he's totally worth watching -- or reading, if that's your preferred method of taking in new information.

NOTE: Today we have a "main video," plus a "bonus video" that is viewable only with Flash. But we have a transcript that covers both of them. Enjoy!

Comment Re:false premise (Score 1) 38

Yes it is false. Computer Science is a very difficult thing to learn, not just later in life. It is "hard" same way Math(s) is "hard." Simply put lot of people will not get it, will not use it even if forced to learn, will not see any use for it since their jobs will not require it (jobs that do require it will be beyond these people's reach).

All this pissing away money will do is have people sitting in classroom ten years hence whining "Why am I learning hello world? I'm never gonna use it! I'm going to be a drone pilot when I grow up."

"Philanthropic" aspect is a counter to that argument, but even if it was a tax funded endeavor, the bigger sin is the waste of time. Time when students could be learning something useful to their lives and to help them be better educated humans.

Comment Corporations should not set the agenda of educatio (Score 1) 38

This whole CS as a core subject really bother's me. Basically it's being motivated by corporations to serve their needs without any regard for what is best for the student nor society at large. In 2012, 1.8% of the population of the US is working in the "information sector" and the idea that we our going to tailor our education to serve that industry is appalling. All the hand wavy arguments that teaching CS will have broad benefits is absurd in that it ignores the fact that time is being taken for CS that could be used to teach actual fundamental subjects. If you want better citizens then make recognition of one's own cognitive biases and combating them a core subject. Include some logic and epistemology. FFS.

Comment Re:E-Vent (Score 1) 161

An old trick is to write the email and not send it, or send it to yourself. That way you get some catharsis

Problem is that catharsis is a literary and theater concept -- not one rooted in science or human psychology.

I wish I had mod-points. What most of the slashdotter's are missing is that writing the email is just another form of ruminating. Even if you don't send it, all you've done is spend more time being angry and possibly engaging in a bunch of confirmation bias fueled "research" to justify your position. After reinforcing your beliefs you're just more primed to get triggered again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The whole "emotion as pressure to be released" belief is complete bunk


Comment Re:"Fighting obesity through other means" (Score 1) 663

Though the rest of the summary (haven't RTFA, whadda I look like some kinda guy who's not lazy) sounds like this is obvious funding of bad science by Coca-Cola to discredit the obvious link between diet and weight, the quoted phrase "research into fighting obesity through other means than improving diet" sounds like something that would in fact be absolutely wonderful if there's any hope of it actually paying off.


Maybe every case of Coke could come with a free feather and a bucket.

Comment Re:It's OK: lots of undiscovered country out there (Score 1) 663

they are coming closer and closer to their goal: to brainwash idiots like you into thinking that carbonated sugar water is somehow good for you.

On behalf of the whole world, we would all like to deeply apologize to you, and we sincerely promise never to offend you again in the future, including especially never laughing at your SJW internet posts.

they are coming closer and closer to their goal: to brainwash idiots like you into thinking that carbonated sugar water is somehow good for you.

On behalf of the whole world, we would all like to deeply apologize to you, and we sincerely promise never to offend you again in the future, including especially never laughing at your SJW internet posts.

Accusing people you don't agree with of being SJW is the new Godwin. As is the hypersensitivity of extreme SJW's.

Comment Re:Fat? It's not your fault! (Score 1) 663


Remember, your not fat because you eat a bag of cheetos and 2 liters of coke everyday and never leave your house. You're Fat because of North Korea and Iran and you don't believe in the right God.


I've met plenty of fat liberal atheists.

It's like you're trying to make IMightB's point for them...

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and think what nobody else has thought.