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Comment Re:"Scientific concensus" (Score 1) 201 201

I'm always amused by the way science is suborned to political expediency.

Some people strongly tout the consensus regarding global warming/climate change. They commonly disparage and dismiss those who don't fully subscribe as politically-motivated ignoramuses who are anti-science. The doubters view themselves simply as more cautious, unwilling to risk large costs when it is not clear that science can clearly predict there will be benefits.

Other people strongly tout the consensus regarding the safety of GM foods. The opposition claims to be simply cautious, unwilling to risk any unknown dangers of these foods despite the enormous benefits they could provide.

Interestingly enough, very often it's the same people who support massive reductions in CO2 emissions based on a scientific consensus and despite the economic costs and the uncertain climate benefits, and yet would prefer to avoid the benefits of GM foods due to fear of unknown bad results, despite the scientific consensus.

News Flash: People are more often rationalizers than rational. What does the FUD of corporations, consumers or anyone else have to do with putting scientific consensus in scare quotes?

Comment Re:Next item on tonight's news... (Score 1) 133 133

You are misquoting me. I never said all laws were bad, I'm just pointing out government overreach. As for your example, it's silly. The road system is similar to the Internet, yet, governments don't regulate how Internet communication are to be made. Everything we have now has been mostly driven by the private sector. There is a few rogue corporation, but globally, everybody cooperate to build what is the best code of conduct (which is pretty much what the rule of the road are, a code of conduct). The existence of this code of conduct (and strong enforcement) does not forbid people to violate them. Heck, when I drive the speed limit, I am generally at the head of a trail waiting to pass me. Nobody respect the law by the book, but they violate the law in a "common sense" fashion. If the limit is 50 on a wide 4 lane highway an a sunny day in the middle of nowhere, nobody's gonna drive 50. If your argument is that people are stupid and cannot follow a code of conduct, then you are patronizing them. Even the most stupid individuals are not doing burnout and donuts in dense urban area. They do it on country roads or abandoned parking lots.

Clearly you have not driven in a country were traffic laws are not enforced. You should try it sometime, it's very exciting. So, yes, police in the US can be lenient about a few miles an hour over the speed limit, and that's a good thing. But if you think people more or less follow the rules of the road because of some naturally evolved "code of conduct", then you are seriously confused. You remind me of people I know that argue that the reductions in river pollution and smog that followed the creation of the EPA is a coincidence and that the agency was completely unnecessary.

Comment Re:Sounds like he was arrested for shooting. (Score 1) 1030 1030

Upon re-reading, there is a statement regarding the drone becoming a danger after being shot.

But if that's what the government is worried about, the drone was a danger before it was shot too -- it doesn't take a shotgun shell to make a drone become a hazard.

No government is worried about people shooting guns in populated areas. Drones are a hazard, but that is a separate issue.

Comment Re:Next item on tonight's news... (Score 1) 133 133

Government bashes free speech, and then some private agent comes with the wonderful idea of "free speech zone". I hate what the US have become, it is such that everything is considered "potentially dangerous", and thus need to be banned and/or operate in "controlled" area. Drones accident will happen, just the same way car accident happens, planes accident happens, or even accidental discharge happen (gun are as much subject to mechanical failure as anything else).

The government engages in unreasonable overreach, therefore all laws are bad? Do you think the world would be a better place if there were no laws related to the operation of automobiles? No signals, no stop signs, no right of way rules, etc? What is your point here?

Comment Re:2 time the gravity thought (Score 1) 133 133

Right, 60% larger gravity would be tough on a fat guy like me. Also, can someone please help me understand the orbit thing? In the article it appears that 186 orbits a brighter-sun closer to Mercury's orbit as opposed to Earth's. The Earth has liquid water in the summer and frozen water in the winter just with the polar shift. How can a planet orbiting closer to a brighter star have anything but steam in the atmosphere, if it even has water?

You're looking at the wrong planet. Kepler-452b is the planet whose orbit is similar to Earth's orbit. And it's sun is similar to ours. Kepler-186 is orbiting much closer to it's star, but it's star is much cooler than ours.

Comment Re:Morse Code (Score 1) 617 617


Now there are more hams than ever, and Amateur Radio is healthy. When I say "We won", it means "Amateur Radio won". It's too bad we had to fight our own old guys.


Sadly science isn't the only thing that advances one funeral at a time. As I am getting long in the tooth I try to remind myself not to resist change too much. But it's hard. You struggle to master something and then some damn whippersnapper makes it completely irrelevant.

Comment Re:If race doesn't exist, how is this possible? (Score 1) 312 312

You do see the irony in you painting them as ignorant fools for generalizing a group of people they don't know, right?

Just checking...

There is a HUGE difference between judging people based on their skin color (which tells you nothing about a person except the range of photons they reflect), and judging people based on them believing that skin color is an important measure of a person (which tells you they have not thought rationally on the matter and that they let they're fear and in-group pressures rule their intellect.) This is "natural" for a social animal that evolved/survived living in small tribes, but not optimal for cohabitation on the planet peacefully. The technical term for such people is, "ignorant racists." They lack the knowledge that race is not a good proxy for determining the intelligence nor moral character of a human being.

Comment (Score 4, Funny) 368 368

>> Allow First Responders To Take Out Drones would they do that? Fire a weapon into a smokey background? Jam the a way that couldn't possibly interfere with other emergency communications? Or what?

Nuke it from space. It's the only way to be sure.

Comment Re:With stock tires on my local road? (Score 4, Interesting) 171 171

A '72 Z28 Camaro is around 4 seconds, so I agree - those numbers are suspect at best. Have they actually done it? Or is this what the engineers calculate it might be able to do?

This is a Poe, right? Well played. YouTube will give you the answers you seek. :)

The 762 HP all-wheel drive electric car with traction control and performance tires (standard on the Model D) most definitely blows the doors of of the 255 HP rear wheel drive V8 with a standard differential. Also, the '72 Z/28 has a 0-60 time of 7.4 seconds.

Comment Re:With stock tires on my local road? (Score 2) 171 171

Somehow I get the feeling that this $10K upgrade will just get me a bit more smoke and rubber left on the road. Just how was this tested? What am I likely to really achieve on a local highway and with stock tires (presumably while steering clear of cops and any other nearby traffic)?

The upgrade is to the P85D, which is the performance model so it's already got decent tires on it. Plus it's a four-wheel drive electric vehicle with traction control. So no tire smoking and on dry pavement you're going to get damn close to 0-60 in 2.8 seconds if you have a full charge. As the the charge decreases, you'll loose a bit of the acceleration.

Comment Re:worst quality in the history of broadcasting (Score 1) 574 574


And he DID. I own a Pono, thing sounds extremely awesome, ridiculously good for $400 (I have numerous digital converters worth more than that, it's my day job). He DID go make his own, and you're still bitchin'?

It's awesome that he made his own, it really is. But his argument that streaming 256 AAC sounds worse than AM Radio, cassette tapes and 8 tracks is ridiculous and it makes the whole thing feel a bit disingenuous. Is he pulling all his CDs off the shelves? Is he pulling his music from the iTunes store (which is encoded as 256 kbps AAC?

It's great he's creating a hi-fidelity option. It's marketing BS that he won't let people who don't care enjoy his music however the hell they want.

Comment Re:Ignored Posted Signs (Score 1) 674 674

What gets me is that the idea of being arrested not for violating a law but for being a malcontent seems to have a lot of supporters in the UK. Doesn't seem like a place I'd want to live in. Not trying to be a jackass myself most of the times, but.. wow. Strange idea of freedom, really.

  1. Even in the US, freedom of speech is not absolute.
  2. Talk back to a cop in the US and you will end up facedown, handcuffed with a knee in your back.

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