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bleaknik writes: "Microsoft's SQL Data Services is an interesting and undocumented world of pain for developer. Microsoft tells us better documentation is coming. Eventually. ubercode comes through with a great brief intro and a CRUD base class written in C#."
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Comment: Re:The licenses are owned by other people... (Score 1) 73

by bleaknik (#15125949) Attached to: No GoldenEye For Xbox Live
There were no 128 MB n64 games. In fact, I don't believe there were any 64MB n64 games.

Mario 64 was 64 Megabits... or 8 Megabytes, and the Zelda titles weighed in at something like 4x that... or about 32 MB... Resident Evil 2... that was a large game, too. That may have actually been 64MB.

Bits. Bytes. Meh.

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