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Comment: Re:Heavy metals? (Score 1) 134

by black soap (#37828270) Attached to: 10-Centimeter Single-Celled Organisms Photographed 6 Miles Underwater

Well, for vertebrates it is more complex than that. Those lipids that line your cells? The ones that have just the right viscosity at the pressure you live at? How do they behave at depth?

How do lipids that are fluid enough to function within a single-celled organism at depth (>15,000 psi) behave when they are brought up to our measly ~14psi?

Comment: Re:Water can kill you too (Score 1) 337

by black soap (#37770026) Attached to: Can the Hottest Peppers In the World Kill You?

Interesting link. The rule for divers is usually to stay below 1.4 atm partial pressure of oxygen (and above 0.1)

And yet, there are only 2 medical conditions I know of where providing oxygen to the patient is not recommended.

1) In long-term bed-bound hospital patients with very weak respiration, providing supplemental oxygen can reduce the blood CO2 concentration (raising blood pH), which can block the respiration reflex, causing the patient to *stop* breathing. Outside of long-term hospital care of the elderly, this is unlikely to be a concern.

and 2), The patient is actively on fire. In this case, extinguish the fire, then administer oxygen.

Comment: Re:Is there anything.. (Score 1) 350

by black soap (#37589372) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How to Exploit Post-Cataract Ultraviolet Vision?

Don't forget underwater - it turns out that corals, cnidarians, lobsters, crabs, shrimp etc. flouresce, while most fish don't. Ongoing research suggests that some fish actually alter UV patterns to communicate.

I am going to pretend that all these nerds on /. are intentionally conflating seeing UV with seeing flourescence, (the visible-light glow observed in many objects when illuminated with UV,) because I would be very sad to find out so many failed basic science.

Comment: Re:Debt collectors already call... (Score 1) 619

by black soap (#37556946) Attached to: Congress May Permit Robot Calls To Cell Phones
I spent a whole summer getting strange phone calls from guys asking for a girl... Eventually I caught on that she was meeting guys in clubs, and giving out a wrong number to lots of guys, telling them to call her later. Unfortunately, the number she made up turned out to be mine. The only way to put a stop to it was when I managed to figure out her real number, and telling it to any guy who tried to call her. I hope she didn't just pick some other number to give out, but at least I quit getting those calls.

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