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Comment And? (Score 1) 143

Is this supposed to be surprising? Hell, I don't even work IT and I've had to deal with this before at work. People who don't know computers do stupid things with them. Or they do things they don't realize will still be on the computer next week when they're back at the office on the corporate network. Shocking!

As for "potentially embarrassing" that means so little as to be useless. Nothing embarrasses me but I have coworkers that would be embarrassed if you heard them sneeze. There's such a spectrum to that it's completely irrelevant.

Comment Re:Best way to stop these criminals (Score 5, Informative) 133

The problem is they couldn't actually do either action. This is a bunch of hype trying to claim greater "hacking" capability than they actually have. Hell, even the article says they gained access by purchasing it from someone else.

Having worked on those aircraft for the better part of 10 years, these guys didn't do a damn thing. The mission plans would have been noticed immediately as using the wrong waypoints and been corrected, manually or from known-good files. These guys didn't have a chance of actually crashing anything except maybe a couple of servers at NASA, which would have done nothing.

NASA clearly needs to update some of their Network security protocols and probably fire a couple of people, but this is a non-story with respect to the drones. It's FUD trying to drive site clicks.

Comment Re: Wannabe soldiers (Score 5, Insightful) 336

The other thing that people seem to miss regarding these YeeHawdis is that they are idiots.

This is the problem with most conservatives. They're conservative because they're stupid.

And this is the problem with people who spout "left" or "right" instead of thinking for themselves. they over-simplify issues, generalize the "other" as "stupid" or "thoughtless" or just as a whole, rather than as thinking individuals, and they make themselves look like assholes.

The "left" and "right" are both wrong. Thinking about a subject on its merits (rather than because it's your side's point of view) is the only way to rationally and intelligent consider anything.

Comment Re:Great.. (Score 1) 276

This is nonsense. If they have the parts to create new cars, it's trivial to make new molds for those parts. Even if the original molds were scrapped it doesn't take much to create a mold from an existing thing to make a replica of that thing. It's not even extraordinarily expensive from a corporate perspective.

Comment Re:Great Parents!! (Score 1) 307

For the record there are a lot of reasons to abstain that have nothing to do with "it will hurt me if I smoke this". Some people don't like feeling altered. Some people think the smell is distasteful. Some people just can't smoke (and didn't consider eating it). Some people, yes even teens, have jobs that require drug testing and feel it's more important to keep the job than to get stoned once in a while, etc etc.

Is it bad for you? Who cares? Will it make you "stupid"? Not likely. That doesn't make the abstainer or the partaker any more intelligent or less intelligent, to begin with.

It's always amazing how such nonsense enters these types of arguments.

Comment Re: Recognize them??? (Score 1) 144

You are aware that military pay is public right? Your claim is utter bullshit. As an O-4 (the highest rank someone is likely to be sitting in the seat as their primary duty) with >10 years in service, with BAH for Las Vegas (near one of the AF main drone bases) & BAS you're only going to be making ~ $106K.

Comment Re:Recognize them??? (Score 1) 144

Most military people who work with drones don't do so by choice. They are assigned to a unit and they have very little, if any (generally none but sometimes they have some) say over what that unit does. If it's a ground unit in place in a combat zone, they get shot at. If it's a drone unit they don't. It doesn't make their work any less valuable to the military and any less worthy of recognition. Would you want to be overlooked for promotions because of an assignment you had no control over? Medals do have impact on your promotability in the military, especially as an officer.

This answers a big problem within the military of how "combat" roles are defined for these kinds of things and will give a lot of people recognition for a job well done that they weren't receiving before because of internal politics and similar bullshit.

Comment Re: Municipal WiFi was such a success (Score 1) 352

The government does many things better than the free markets.

Such as dropping bombs on women and children, oppressing racial minorities, excluding competition from the market, bailing out losers...

Pretty much in every area where the objective isnt to abuse and wring money out of people.

You must live in a world without taxes and monetary inflation.

is because the free market doesnt work when there are extreme startup costs.

What's your evidence for this? There is a growing number of private local ISP startups bringing broadband to underserved areas. There's Google, choosing to get into the ISP business, bringing gbps broadband to an increasing number of cities. There are companies that have IPOs that bring in billions in capitalization. Startup costs are not anywhere close to being an insurmountable obstacle.

You do realize Google is one of the top 80 richest corporations in the world, and top 5 in the USA, right? "extreme startup costs" doesn't generally apply to the richest companies in the world. It applies to the small businesses that will actually provide competition.

Comment Re:Private sector will always do it better. (Score 1) 352

There is no such thing as a "natural monopoly" on internet access. In some places it's a mandated monopoly because politicians were bought. In other places it's dirty business keeping the market effectively closed. Still other places it's just ridiculously high cost of entry barriers. None of those are "natural".

Comment Poor quality article (Score 2) 259

The article implies that this was already law and Germany is just extending it to the internet/social media. You can't incite violence against a group of people, simple as that. And no, it's not the same as "Islam is coming and your daughters will wear the Hijab" unless that is followed by "or die". That might be considered inciting violence but maybe not, depending upon who's judging.

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