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Comment Re:If... (Score 1) 363

Every course I took, as an Electrical Engineer, had books in the college library for use as reference. I stopped buying textbooks after my first year of school. Nearly ever math book had the chapters rearranged but 90% of the examples and problems were the same if you went to the appropriate chapter. Where they were different it was never hard to get the correct questions from fellow students.

Or just split the cost of books with others in your section and make "study groups".

Comment Re:What about GPS? (Score 1) 127

Plenty of cell phones report their GPS back to the system and to stupid apps people use to track every move and report it to whatever Twitter/Facebook/narcissistappoftheday they happen to use.

Technically it isn't the GPS "reporting" it but that's not really the point. There are plenty of ways to track the position of a cell phone.

Comment Re:what is a "cell phone ping"? (Score 1) 127

Assuming he's a friend of people who have access to the right tools in the first place then they probably already have his IMEI for "testing" or just messing with him when he's within range. We use our own phones all the time to test these devices. I have a list of mine and probably 15 of my coworkers IMEIs on a computer (not accessible from the internet) that most of us have access to use.

Comment Re:Anything to disrupt Quest Diagnostics (Score 2) 174

You need new doctors, and you need to start taking your lab work where you want it done. There's no requirement that your blood be drawn at your doctor's office. Hell get the doctor to write the paperwork up (which he/she has to do anyway) and give it to you then go wherever the hell you want to get the bloodwork done. Doctor has no say in the matter.

That said, I've never been "pre-billed" by Quest so maybe it's something about where you're at, rather than the company as a whole. Their prices are ridiculous though.

Comment Give them time (Score 2) 33

Or just let them be kids and give them exposure to a lot of things and let them decide what they're interested in instead of trying to force them down a particular path. There are plenty of avenues of success (both emotional and financial) that don't involve engineering or electronics.

Comment Re:A good step but watch the NCAA (Score 1) 110

You are aware that "club sports" are just "clubs" that play sports, right? It's not like we're talking about Notre Dame varsity football or Duke varsity Basketball that you watch on tv. This is sports for the rest of us. You're not likely to see any scholarships created in support of this, just like there are very few (if any) scholarships for other "club sports" most of which don't have any kind of try-outs or meritocracy for playing time. You show up, you play, in most cases.

Comment Re: How much will it cost. (Score 1) 398

Ah, slashdot. Go away for a couple weeks and find things like this. I am not a "cynical asshole know-it-all and no one wants to associate". I actually have very good relationships with my neighbors, we talk every couple of days, but they don't ask to borrow my car (even my truck). A chain saw or lawn mower, occasionally but never a car. As I said, I believe your mother is either incredibly nice or naive (most people don't even let casual friends borrow their vehicles, much less neighbors) but that has no bearing on me as a person.

I also didn't claim to "know what everyone in my office does on their spare time". I do however know what they do because I'm not a "cynical asshole know-it-all and no one wants to associate" but, rather, someone who talks with my coworkers about their lives and what they do. I know it's hard to believe on slashdot, where everyone is supposedly a basement dwelling troll, but the real world simply isn't like that and I live in the real world. I spend the majority of my waking life around these people and I like knowing who they are and sharing who I am with them. We talk about what we do, we share information about how we use our vehicles when someone's looking for a new one etc etc.

I was not demonizing anyone who owns trucks. I have owned several over the years, including one now. The fact that it's a "stripped down" version and actually used for work was the point I and the post you and I both responded to were both making. Super expensive vehicles (whether they're trucks or not) typically aren't work vehicles. Work vehicles typically aren't $50000+. Simple reality.

Comment Re:Were you endangered? (Score 2) 228

Note that most of those "RC model aircraft that have been flying since before most of you were born" also didn't fly in restricted airspace, or commercial flight lanes. This has nothing to do with it being a drone and everything to do with how it was being flown. It would be the same situation of some RC flyer decided to be a douche in the same way. Except he'd probably also be facing jail time.

Comment Re: How much will it cost. (Score 1) 398

Your mother is either incredibly nice or incredibly naive, I'm not sure which. My neighbors wouldn't dare ask to borrow my car. As for the rest, there at least 15 pickup trucks in the parking lot of my office right now. We all live/work in relatively upscale (solidly "middle class" but McMansion style living) environments and probably 3 of those pickups ever get used for anything other than light duty similar to what I do with a roof rack on my sedans. I know for a fact that I've towed more with my Honda Crosstour than all but one of those trucks have towed. Most pickups on the road in urban areas are either stripped down as the GP stated or they're just "manly" commuter vehicles. A lot like Hummers and the giant SUVs.

Comment Re: illegal autonomous cars? (Score 1) 398

Tesla should just lease the batteries. Replace them every X years and do battery charge capacity or some other meaningful metric instead of miles to determine how much you owe on the lease at the end. Recylcling the batteries will be "green" and it keeps people coming back for upgrades that will keep the cars on the road longer and reach more than just the niche market of people who can afford niche cars.

Comment Re: illegal autonomous cars? (Score 1) 398

You can buy cars that are just as nice for half the money, it makes no sense other than as a fashion statement or a "I'm saving the Earth" statement.

Or perhaps to keep supporting a company that is driving that market? I'm with you, it's not useful enough but there are other reasons to buy these than image.

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