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Comment If you want to code, code. (Score 0) 373

If you want to code, code. If you don't, don't. Of the women (and men, for that matter) who do - it's a bug they picked up in middle school or highly school. From their, they decided to go into college for it - and ultimately the workplace.

The idea that women or girls being uninterested in getting jobs in engineering due to masoganistic workplaces or hiring practices is putting the cart 10 years ahead of the horse.

Comment Rouse (Score 1) 306

...or this is just a giant rouse to convince us all the iMessage is an end-to-end, secure, PKI system that we should all trust, when this may not be true at all. Very hard to tell if it is a closed-source system which is not publicly auditable. Would you trust it with your secrets? I wouldn't (if I had any).

Comment Apple (Score 0) 288

Back in my day - Apple computers (in particular MacOS) was widely known to be the easiest, most intuitive, user-friendly machine/OS out there. So when my 80+ year old father was looking for a new computer, I steered him to a Mac. BIG MISTAKE

I think it was a combination of older people getting stuck in their ways and not easily learning new thing - along with the massive complexity in newer OSX - along with a little nine-headedness - like no right mouse button, but a billion was of needing that functionality and other less-than-obvious ways of accessing it (like pressing on the right SIDE of the Magic Mouse, etc)

Comment Comparison. (Score -1) 337

Objective-C really sucks. It is old (pre-dating C++), has not aged-well as the languages has been stretched over the years to accommodate new things, has always done a half-added way of encompassing C and (more specifically) C++ support (I.e. "Objective C++", but yet has survived (and grown), as it's the "only" way to do native iOS programming.

Swift aimed to clean up some of the cruft from Objective-C and has somewhat fallen into all the same traps. It had inherently avoided all the C and C++ compatibility issues - yet is still one of the 2 ways of doing a native iOS app.

So it's maybe, arguably, marginally *easier* than Objective-C, yet is one of two technologies to allow you to code inside Apple's walled garden - so, people are using it - but it's like praising a Siberian prison for serving thicker soup on Tuesdays.

Comment Applicants (Score 0) 397

I've been in the industry about 25 years. I've interviewed countless candidates. The truth is, in 25 years, I have personally encountered zero Latino candidates and only one black job applicants - in comparison two hundreds of white, Asian and Indian a applicants. So let's talk about education or whatever - but the issue has nothing to do with companies or hiring practices - in my own experience.

(BTW - we did make the black candidate and offer - he accepted, then shot us down after getting a counteroffer from his employer to stay. )

Comment Couldn't buy into.. (Score 0) 81

I'd have a real hard time buying into, or putting any investment into a currency that could run into these types of problems - or even potentially vaporize overnight - due to some intricate techical problem that I didn't understand - and maybe STILL wouldn't even long after it was explained to me ...

Comment Re: Now, if I can use the files for metal sinterin (Score 1) 44

MakerBot's software can use .STL files as their standard input. Pretty much any additive process can use STL. MakerBot's software is more to run the machine - your asking about capabilities of the software to design the part in the first place.

Also, I know people that use actual objects created on MakerBot specifically to use mold-making for metal casting - so that would be an option for you too.

Comment Re: Not just "another IT purchase"... (Score -1) 44

AND (I forgot to mention)

I bought a Dell laser printer a few years back. I think it's made by Brother, or Lexmark, or some other second-rate manufacturer. BIG MISTAKE. It sucks, and the drivers suck. Will never do that agin. Buy a printer from a real printer company, not "a PC" company that decides to go into the printer game.

Not looking forward to their future 3D offerings.

Comment Not just "another IT purchase"... (Score 1, Interesting) 44

I can understand their desire to get I to this business - but as it stands now, this is sort of a "specialized" market and customer. It's not just like an IT department is going to throw one in on an order because "their vendor" (Dell) sells them.

Much more likely to be purchased by an artistic, engineering, manufacturing-type of group - under greater control and scrutiny than "I need a [standard] PC" like a lot of boilerplate Dell IT purchases.

Maybe these consumers would go with Makerbot, maybe not - but their gonna need the machine with the right specs - not just whoever is on the approved vendor list.

So - don't know if this will be good for MakerBot and Dell. But then again, maybe I'm just short sighted - and a few years 3D printers will be as ubiquitous as 2d ones - and that's the game they want to be in.

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