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Comment: Re:What's the point (Score 3, Funny) 353

by bjk002 (#47409287) Attached to: Here Comes the Panopticon: Insurance Companies

I feel the exact same way about all those reckless, careless, risk-taking, jock-want-to-be’s who risk their lives and wellbeing playing senseless games on the field, riding bikes and skateboards without thought or concern, and adventuring up mountain sides without care.

I find it absolutely appalling that I am forced to cough up my money to pay for their reckless behavior, broken bones, torn ligaments, hamstring injuries, and more!!

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by bjk002 (#46816137) Attached to: Our Education System Is Failing IT

I'm going to have to disagree with you. Logic, statistics, problem solving, are all core to CS degrees, so I fail to see where the degree is "irrelevant to IT".

While pursuing my B.S. in Computer Science I picked up minors in sociology and anthropology, and I did take a philosophy course or two... it helped, but not to any degree you imply whereby it would ofset the need for hard technical skills. While pursuing my MBA, I focused on strategy and ops research. I understand so called "soft skills" quite well, and did not need a Psychology degree to obtain them.

So while I agree that logic is a core competency for success in the field, your statement implying "soft skills" trump technical skills is a bit irrational and incorrect thinking. Particularly when you cast aspersions such as "every problem is solved by a binary decision tree" ... that is demonstrably naive thinking.

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Theory is not Law. What you subscribe to is Libertarian theories on market forces. They sound great, but are not at all practical to implement. Reality is far more complex and riddled with exceptions that broad Libertarian theories never seem to account for. And when challenged, the usual Libertarian responds with the typical Darwinian propaganda, something I choose to reject on moral grounds. We are neither zebras nor lions. It is not survival of the fittest. We are supposed to have an evolved sensibility and empathy.

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by bjk002 (#36673948) Attached to: @Whitehouse Hosting Twitter Town Hall On Wednesday

As opposed to a socially regulated, feudal system advocated by the republicans who believe in being ruled by corporate overloads and strict biblical interpretation of how we should live our lives??

You completely misinterpret my intent. I am neither pro-democrat, nor am I pro-republican. Both parties are moving this country toward facism.

I'm worried about both parties, as they are both idealogical, which is useless to me as I do not share either of their ideologies. However, IMO, we are too far right of center at the moment, and moving ever more so in that direction as of late.

I support a "regulated, multi-class, integrated national economic system." - it is the only sensible way to govern a populace, and the only economic system that ever existed in the U.S.

Well I'm not "anti-capitalist", but I'm not purely pro capitalist either. Pure capitalism can justify your harvesting my organs for resale without consent. Pure capitalism has no qualms with you dumping your toxic waste in my back yard.

"Believe in the rule by the Elites" - This goes with both parties. Its a matter of which group do you want to be "ruled" by. God and CEO's or politicians and lawyers.

"Industrial Management by labor Unions" - I still cannot comprehend how anyone has been able to be convinced that unions of workers are a bad thing for workers. I prefer not having to work 20 hour days for not enough money to feed myself.

"Social Darwinism" - Again, This goes with both parties.

Call for a "progressive biomedical model" aka eugenics - Not sure what you are going on about here, but I do support medical advancements and treatments, does that count?

"Seek the mass mobilization of a nation through indoctrination, physical education, and family policy" - pure hyperbole, nothing more to say.

I prefer a nice, central

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...on a tech rag no less. I wonder why? Is it really so difficult to understand that specialists can manage a network system better than a couple Bob's from the local community college?

If you have a web-based app stack and offer that to your employees, what is the difference between your company having a bunch of techies trying to run a shop like Google would, or actually letting Google run it for you?

I can see some reluctance from non-US companies, but for any U.S. based company, what is the difference?

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