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Comment Re:Um... (Score 2) 255 255

I know that Chrome is the 45% usage king, but it's not like Firefox (~15%) is dead by any stretch.

No it's not perfect, but Firefox is good enough for me - Sync, AdBlock Plus, Firebug, etc. And I'm not interested in giving Google every piece of info about my browsing habits.

Comment Re:How many applications will THIS break? (Score 1) 257 257

I also hear you on the HP hardware issues. I got both my HP 6P laser printer and HP scanner to work in Windows 7 with a little configuration (and a parallel-to-USB adapter cable for the printer). That printer is like an A-10 Warthog - it takes a licking and keeps on ticking - and I'm not giving that up for a new, shiny OS that I will only use for MS Excel, Firefox, and the occasional Photoshopping.

Add in the Win10 privacy issues other /. posters have pointed out, and the upgrade just doesn't make sense.

Comment Win7 is the EOL for me (Score 1) 257 257

Windows is like the 1st car I owned for 15 years but rarely leaves the garage anymore because it's been replaced by other vehicles and lifestyle changes.

At work, I use a Mac laptop with a Linux VM for development.

At home, when I got my first smartphone and smart TV, 95% of what I was doing in Windows was possible on those devices more conveniently. Youtube and Netflix are on a 55" screen now, while email, chat, and casual gaming are all portable now. My sons can use any OS thrown at them (thanks to their iPods, etc.), and only one uses it anymore (for Minecraft). Even my computer-phobic wife is using a free, hand-me-down Dell laptop with Linux Mint on it for her average daily uses (when she gets a cellphone that will probably end too).

Comment A little upsetting (Score 1) 64 64

"falling of burnt/broken pieces of instruments into the patient (14.7%), electrical arcing of instruments (10.5%), unintended operation of instruments (8.6%)"

I know this sounds juvenile, but if it's related to urology/gynecology I'm pretty sure that us Slashdot folk would like to see a zero percent failure rate. Dr. after 'falling of burnt pieces into patient" failure: "We've reamed your prostate for you and all of the cancerous mass has been removed. Your continence will return in a few months, but don't worry - there are discreet diaper services... Oh yeah, uh, sorry about that gear-shaped burn scar in your ass. At least no one can see it, right? Am I right?"




Comment Re:Possible problems (Score 1) 183 183

Banning the production of new plastic (with "critical national defense" as the limited exception, of course). That would probably mean that superfluous usage of plastic for worthless crap like Happy Meal toys would stop altogether. Other more "important" items like shopping bags, trash bags, baby bottles, Solo party cups, etc. would go up in cost, reflecting the true life cycle cost of a product.

That will never happen, however, until a crisis that affects the everyday Joes happens. "What do you mean there are no more Solo cups for the party tonight??"

Comment Possible problems (Score 3, Insightful) 183 183

Unless these road pieces are chemically altered in some way, traction on plastic roads would be awful. And shards of the roads that break off under wear and tear are going to be blown out into nature, poisoning the environments they land in over time.

I'm all for cleaning out the oceans, but this seems like moving toxic, nature-insoluble trash from one environment to another. Permanently ridding ourselves of the plastic is the right path.

Comment Re:his music is good.. (Score 1) 574 574

besides, streaming services have BETTER sound quality than RADIO and his music is played on radio all the time.

Saying that doesn't mean anything because the quality of radio has dropped significantly. Radio quality today is nothing compared to just 25 years ago - some radio stations today just broadcast an internet stream of music (to cut costs in a stressed market).

It's all about good enough at the cheapest cost (vs. quality or pride in the product to increase the value).

Comment Office issues make it an everyone or none deal (Score 1) 340 340

It'd have to be a group decision where I work. I sit right in the middle of an open working space, with about 16 dev tables/desks. If I was to adopt a standing desk and stand up, it would likely bother others sitting across or next to me, as if I was always looking down on their desks.

Getting 16 developers to agree to that may be a tall order (pun intended)...

Comment Re:30 seconds isn't enough (Score 1) 95 95

I see your point, but that's not how many others (including myself) use email in an ever faster and shorter attention spanned world. This would probably also save a lot of, "Do you know where/what/how..." emails (and their pointless replies because you already found the answer) from going out.

Comment Re:I'm spending 60% of my monthly income on rent (Score 1) 940 940

"The market is what the market is," which pretty much means, "let the market decide", appeared to work well for everyone in the past - because markets were more local, or at least kept within a single country. That way, when markets correct towards median incomes in a reasonably wealthy country, that was a good thing.

The problem today, however, is that this growing global economy with increasingly invisible borders (and enforcement) is putting Americans into a WORLDWIDE middle class. That means a significant drop in economic opportunities for the remaining middle class Americans as more foreign money comes in and snatches up assets here by more and more foreign elites that have squeezed more out of their more submissive and/or uneducated citizens of their countries.

Trade deals like the TPP sound like more of this trend - making the world's elites richer while pushing the rest of the USA'c citizens live like second world citizens in their own country.

So yeah, the free market works today - it's globally working all too well, unfortunately...

Comment Jesus had this science figured out 2000 years ago (Score 2, Insightful) 108 108

And it's not like the "research paper" (i.e. the New Testament) has been lost to history, like so much other scientific data gets lost. Flawed as it is due to translation errors and redaction, "love one another" and "treat thy neighbor as thyself" hold up pretty well in 2015 AD as well as it did in 1,000,000 BC.

And it's not like he is the only in recorded history or philosophy saying this.

I guess my point is that while it's interesting to have actual data confirming the correlation between office environment and productivity is good to have, we already knew this to be true. Why are funds being wasted on such when there are so many gaping fiscal wounds in the world of education to be filled?

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