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Comment Re:Give it time (Score 3, Insightful) 114

Hopefully all of that progress on how the human brain thinks will be paralleled with breakthroughs on helping that AI understand how humans feel about those thoughts. Otherwise, a key part of humanity - agency (and the chaos of life) - will be lost in a pile of algorithms.

Comment Re:Freedom sometimes hinders justice: deal with it (Score 1) 392

100% agree. If the six murder case isn't ever solved, that would be sad - but freedom has a price tag, and this is a typical payment.

Side thought: In the past, a more religious society that believed in some deity could take a little solace in the belief that said deity would punish the "sinners" in the next life (i.e. "Let God sort it out").

As our societies moves towards a more secular view, however, that spiritual catharsis is lost. Only lingering feelings of bitterness, anger and injustice - no ultimate closure. Those feelings are based in FUD, which in this case leads to legal opinions that erode individual freedoms so "people" can get "closure" in everything in life. (Yes, that's impossible - but that's not going to stop people from trying.)

In other words, freedom from religion ultimately (and ironically) leads to less freedom overall.

Comment Re:Cable has gotten... (Score 1) 319

Instead of being happy with consistent profitability in their business, modern capitalism says that these companies have to increase profitability every quarter - all in the name of increasing shareholder value. They couldn't increase profits as quickly the old fashioned ways as they could by cutting production costs and raising cable rates, so we got the latter.

I made the cut about 2 years ago, and aside from having to find pirated streams of occasional sporting events I haven't missed it at all. (I'd rather watch the "good enough", pixelated, pirated streams of sporting events than pay ridiculous amounts for HD broadcasts.)

Besides - it's not like these companies don't get enough from me already in other ways ($170/mo. for a cell phone PMT, 20/5MB internet, a landline phone, and Netflix streaming). Who's getting the money has simply shifted some...

Comment It almost feels hopeless (Score 2) 174

This kind of potentially critical situation (the gov't being able to filter the internet at the behest of corporate interests) shouldn't require us all rising up and complaining. We elect people that should have our fiduciary interests at heart, and dome of our Congressmen do still care (the "boy scouts"). I know my rep personally and have spoken with him at length about various issues, and he does his best. Too many of them, however, are powerless at the feet of their own political parties and the money that elected them.

I find myself hoping and praying that somehow, some way, the right decision(s) will get made - but I find myself expecting being more and more cynical about the whole thing. The fundamentals of the system are broken to the point that the Supreme Court is the only truly effective governing body... To channel Jack Nicolson's Joker, "This government needs an enema."

Comment Re:its about time someone did it. (Score 1) 223

Lexmark === Total Garbage. You'd pick one up and know just by how it felt in your hands that it was the cheapest, waiting-to-break POS printer you could buy. I had a couple of those printers offered to me by family/friends for free and I would turn them down - and they'd end up in the dumpster. It wouldn't surprise me if Lexmark's products were so epically bad to users that they actually played a role in cutting printer usage overall...

Comment Re:How many applications will THIS break? (Score 1) 272

I also hear you on the HP hardware issues. I got both my HP 6P laser printer and HP scanner to work in Windows 7 with a little configuration (and a parallel-to-USB adapter cable for the printer). That printer is like an A-10 Warthog - it takes a licking and keeps on ticking - and I'm not giving that up for a new, shiny OS that I will only use for MS Excel, Firefox, and the occasional Photoshopping.

Add in the Win10 privacy issues other /. posters have pointed out, and the upgrade just doesn't make sense.

Comment Win7 is the EOL for me (Score 1) 272

Windows is like the 1st car I owned for 15 years but rarely leaves the garage anymore because it's been replaced by other vehicles and lifestyle changes.

At work, I use a Mac laptop with a Linux VM for development.

At home, when I got my first smartphone and smart TV, 95% of what I was doing in Windows was possible on those devices more conveniently. Youtube and Netflix are on a 55" screen now, while email, chat, and casual gaming are all portable now. My sons can use any OS thrown at them (thanks to their iPods, etc.), and only one uses it anymore (for Minecraft). Even my computer-phobic wife is using a free, hand-me-down Dell laptop with Linux Mint on it for her average daily uses (when she gets a cellphone that will probably end too).

Comment A little upsetting (Score 1) 64

"falling of burnt/broken pieces of instruments into the patient (14.7%), electrical arcing of instruments (10.5%), unintended operation of instruments (8.6%)"

I know this sounds juvenile, but if it's related to urology/gynecology I'm pretty sure that us Slashdot folk would like to see a zero percent failure rate. Dr. after 'falling of burnt pieces into patient" failure: "We've reamed your prostate for you and all of the cancerous mass has been removed. Your continence will return in a few months, but don't worry - there are discreet diaper services... Oh yeah, uh, sorry about that gear-shaped burn scar in your ass. At least no one can see it, right? Am I right?"




Comment Re:Possible problems (Score 1) 183

Banning the production of new plastic (with "critical national defense" as the limited exception, of course). That would probably mean that superfluous usage of plastic for worthless crap like Happy Meal toys would stop altogether. Other more "important" items like shopping bags, trash bags, baby bottles, Solo party cups, etc. would go up in cost, reflecting the true life cycle cost of a product.

That will never happen, however, until a crisis that affects the everyday Joes happens. "What do you mean there are no more Solo cups for the party tonight??"

Comment Possible problems (Score 3, Insightful) 183

Unless these road pieces are chemically altered in some way, traction on plastic roads would be awful. And shards of the roads that break off under wear and tear are going to be blown out into nature, poisoning the environments they land in over time.

I'm all for cleaning out the oceans, but this seems like moving toxic, nature-insoluble trash from one environment to another. Permanently ridding ourselves of the plastic is the right path.

Comment Re:his music is good.. (Score 1) 574

besides, streaming services have BETTER sound quality than RADIO and his music is played on radio all the time.

Saying that doesn't mean anything because the quality of radio has dropped significantly. Radio quality today is nothing compared to just 25 years ago - some radio stations today just broadcast an internet stream of music (to cut costs in a stressed market).

It's all about good enough at the cheapest cost (vs. quality or pride in the product to increase the value).

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