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Comment Re:Murderers who are geeks are still murderers = L (Score 1) 225

Amen. Watch 'Deep Web' and you will find the truth. The truth is, the government's case would have fallen apart if the defense was allowed to question witnesses, including experts, but alas, that was not going to happen.

Reasonable doubt is there in my mind. Look beyond the hype and actually how the case was handled. Scary stuff.

Comment Already Done before - 1998 (Score 1) 258

"(1998) Beginning in June, the Energy Department plans to haul nuclear waste from 41 foreign countries by rail through California, Nevada, Utah and Idaho for temporary storage at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory. Plans call for the shipments to begin in Concord, Calif."

At least it was protested against, any bets the trips went as scheduled maybe a little later?

A little more Google-fu and you can read about all the nuclear WAHEADS being TRUCKED around the U.S.

Comment Wanting to know hot stuff worked (Score 4, Interesting) 153

How did I start?

Age 6 - taking apart any old electronics. old radios, walkie talkies, whatever
Age 11 - Commodore 64 and IBM PC XT comes to the house
Age 12 - learn how to solder, mostly unsoldering components from old electronics
Age 14 - Introduced to Borland C
Age 16 - CB and dabbled in HAM
Age 18 - College for Comp Engineering, only to fail out after spending every hour in computer lab instead of class (uudecode anyone?)
Age 20 - US Navy working on 60s era computers
Age 24 - First Net admin job migrating from Novell to WinNT + First home PC of my own! .....computers ever since along with car repairs, etc
Today - job in cybersecurity doing all kinds of different stuff, with side projects in the Internet of Things related to security

What makes a good hacker today?
Same thing as always, the desire to not just have technology, but the desire to know how it works!

Comment Support Mesh Networking (Score 1) 331

My dream - someday to walk around as my mobile phone is making IP-based calls and getting passed from WLAN to WLAN.

I was wondering when Google was going to buy up some fiber and a frequency space (or maybe use >3Ghz which is currently unlicensed) to support their own infrastructure for Android devices.

I am patenting this post. LOL

Comment California Gun Laws have been hacked (Score 2) 115

Check out for a description of a gun law hack in California.

Want to own an AR-15 series rifle in California? You can, thanks to the work of some online collaboration and combination of laws.

In a nutshell, the definition of 'detachable magazine' combined with the poorly written assault weapons law, some case law and testimony from the California Dept of Justice Firearms folks resulted in a movement for building AR series rifles legally in California with all the goodies like pistol grips, etc.

Same principles applied for importation of handguns not on the 'safe' list - import it as a single shot weapon, then repair it so it is back to a semi-auto configuration.

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