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Comment: Re:NEWS FLASH!!! (Score 2) 115

by gmhowell (#47713837) Attached to: 51% of Computer Users Share Passwords

Or... and this may sound zany but hear me out. Maybe 51% of people did a risk/benefit analysis and decided that giving someone there password was actually beneficial for them.

Not possible. Only people who use devices in exactly the same manner as that proscribed by a /. nerd can be beneficial. (No wireless, less space than a Nomad...)

Comment: Re:Slippery path (Score 1) 71

by gmhowell (#47713515) Attached to: YouTube Music Subscription Details Leak

Other than the rebroadcasted major market channels KIIS and Z100 on channels 11 and 12, what music channels are playing commercials?

Channel 76 and below (except 11/12) are all still commercial free. I can't speak for 77-79 (kids), and some of the 140+ Latino channels, but...

What music channels, exactly, are playing commercials on XM?

Stop screwing up the nerdrage with pointless facts.

Comment: Welcome to the club! (Score 2) 2

by gmhowell (#47710975) Attached to: 6 Days After My Previous Journal Entry, I Was Dead

Coming up on my 24 month anniversary for my cyborgification. Also an ICD, mine due to complete heart block. Upside is that due to me not actually using it much, the battery should last much longer than originally anticipated.

Don't forget to carry your 'get out of invasive scanners free' card! And BTW, the wands are worse than the loops.

Also get used to hearing this from other doctors "Oh, we'll just send you for an MRI... Oh, wait..."

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