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Comment: predicted 10 years ago (Score 1) 222

by bigtreeman (#48607841) Attached to: Linking Drought and Climate Change: Difficult To Do

According to this modelling done 10 years ago

it's not as simple as global warming
I stopped using the term global warming ages ago
and instead use the term extreme climate

" ... we cannot say that climate change caused a particular drought, but only that it is expected to increase the frequency, intensity, and duration of drought in some regions and that such changes are being observed ... "

More cyclones = more cyclone swells = more surf = great

surfs up dudes

and yes I blame man because of the rapid changes in extreme climate

Comment: same in OZ (Score 1) 329

by bigtreeman (#48489603) Attached to: Taxi Medallion Prices Plummet Under Pressure From Uber

We have a similar 'fixed' taxi system which creates the artificially high value of taxi plates.
But it also includes expensive taxi insurance for high mileage, high risk which Uber drivers don't have to pay.
So use at your own risk, you may not be covered by their comprehensive insurance in case of accident.

Comment: Re:Well if two google engineers say so (Score 1) 652

by bigtreeman (#48462709) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

Dinosaur business models just go broke, who cares, the world moves on.
What happened to the horse and cart ? We had less shit on the streets and the shit kickers went out of business.
Our old inefficient steel mills went out of business and those cities struggled to re-invent themselves.
Mining towns have become ghost towns when their mines became unprofitable. Just a quick shift in global prices and they shut down.
How much warning do you need to pull your money invested in coal shares ?
How fast do they go off-line ? Really fast ?
The business / financial world moves really fast and they move to the next money maker. And they don't give a rats, only interested in their profits. For how long do you throw good money after bad ?
We don't care where the power comes from, so long as it comes. My solar cells make my power bill lower, that's all I'm concerned about.
I have notice a number of Reg articles supporting old school, non-green, climate deniers.
People at The Reg need to pull their heads out of their asses.

Comment: Re:The number one thing (Score 1) 250

got your own solar water heater ??
No they're not very good for the area a standard solar water heater uses
and they often need a gas or electric boost to make the shower nice and toasty.
We're in Brisbane with an abundance of sunshine, still need boost.
Hang on are you talking solar thermal power storage, the molten salt stuff, don't think so, they're industrial sized.
I've looked at water distillation/purification and it takes a reasonable area to give a good quantity of water.
We've got some solar voltaics but you need a large array to make a decent amount of power,
no way is it free energy.

Go for the wind power, get some batteries, check out Edison batteries, NiFe, made in China, run some of your devices with DC - lighting, computer(s), audio, etc, collect farts to run a generator.

The best way to heat is good thermal building design, insulation and thermal mass collecting solar energy.
Sell up and move down under or just suck it up.

Comment: collect tax when the money is spent (Score 1) 200

by bigtreeman (#48332259) Attached to: Amazon's Luxembourg Tax Deals

If banks became the tax collectors in the country of purchase/payment, taxes would be payed where they belong.

GST is currently collected by the companies who want to minimise their tax spend.
Banks don't care, it's not their money, and they're really good at grabbing other peoples money.

Simplify tax laws, tax a reasonable amount in the first place, don't have tax refunds.

He who has but four and spends five has no need for a wallet.