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Comment Re:Obvious, really (Score 1) 210

If there were new features being introduced I would expect an exponential increase in open issues.
The earlier in the design process issues are identified, the easier they are to fix.
Just says to me there is a basic problem with how software is developed in general,
whether it is the tools or procedures or the human resources at whichever level.
It has always happened which means we're not doing it right.
Glad we're not building bridges.
I am currently developing something mechanical, using software and embedded and machinery,
I've tried various different approaches over 6 months, with mixed results.
I'm not pushed by clients, who will get my produced output when I fecking feel they can have it.
But it will be right when it hits the shelves. It's a luxury not many get. I'm not driven by profit,
I am loving what I do.

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