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Comment: China's putting us to shame (Score 1) 322

by bigtreeman (#47189491) Attached to: Fixing China's Greenhouse Gas Emissions For Them

A tariff collected in the importing country doesn't contribute to China's efforts to install more solar or wind turbines.
China is currently installing massive amounts of solar and wind generation capacity.
They appreciate future savings and independence from imports.
Solar is cheaper now because it is made in China.

Just look at Australia's dumb government, a pack of climate change doubters.
Going backwards on carbon trading, undoing incentives to install green energy.

Comment: put in the hard yards (Score 1) 302

by bigtreeman (#46837283) Attached to: Consumers Not Impressed With 3D Printing

3d design and modelling isn't for the faint hearted.
In this world of digital consumers, not as many are digital makers.
Taking those steps from concept to real solid output has a complicated tool chain.
It might become easy to copy existing items when software can take a photo
and convert it to a solid object with one click.
But creation from an idea will always be for those willing to put in the hard yards.

Comment: cheap assed bludgers (Score 1) 410

by bigtreeman (#46837065) Attached to: F.C.C., In Net Neutrality Turnaround, Plans To Allow Fast Lane

The internet is expensive in infrastructure, management, security and power requirements.
We must accept that sending a video across the globe costs real money and carbon pollution.
Why should little old ladies sending a couple of emails subsidise an idiot constantly streaming HD video.

Comment: shares are investment in a company (Score 1) 342

by bigtreeman (#46691871) Attached to: Australia May 'Pause' Trades To Tackle High-Frequency Trading

This is the wrong approach. Shares are there to provide capital for a company to do something. Make the investor leave the investment in the company for a minimum of one month. This will cause people to be more careful in their investments and change the focus to what the company is going to do in the longer term, not immediate speculative gain.

Comment: Star Belly Sneeches (Score 1) 323

by bigtreeman (#46548789) Attached to: More On the Disposable Tech Worker

New management want to re-invent the wheel. They reckon there's a better way to do it.
If they last long enough they will refine and change their management strategies until
they start looking like their older forbears well tested methods.
Unless they get displaced by the new generation of f___ing know it alls.
It's not just IT.
At a recent induction to a global construction corporation we were all told for increased
safety we all had to have 2 reflective stripes on our pants or we wouldn't get on site.
Remember Dr Seus - The Star Belly Sneeches.
The only thing wrong with Australian workers is f___ing management.

Comment: Mint Nvidia drivers (Score 1) 295

I'm running the most recent Mint and it prefers to install Nvidia driver version 310.44 as default, claiming it is 'more stable'
the current driver @ is 331.49.
What Mint considers most stable still causes lock-ups a few times a week usually on boot but can be at odd times.
Why doesn't Mint use the X drivers, well usually they're rubbish.
I've put up with this rubbish over my 19 years of Linux use, s'pose I'm used to it,
have to agree with Google engineers.
Remembering that Linux is only the kernel, it's none of their business,
and X isn't responsible for the binary blobs
and Nvidia doesn't care because there aren't enough Linux users
The dilemma is between proprietary hardware makers and free software writers.
Other side of the coin, why would you use Chrome which is non-free and definitely not trustworthy.

Comment: Re:Why single out Whole Foods? (Score 2) 794

by bigtreeman (#46372177) Attached to: Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

if you had a thyroid problem you would know the iodine comes with sea salt, I just avoid salt when possible.
It's never possible with processed foods and that's the crux of the biscuit !
Our simple rule is eat food from the outside of the supermarket, vegetables, bread, dairy, fresh meat,
now look down the other isles, processed crap, even the health food isle is processed.

Comment: Re:The basics... (Score 2) 324

" Normally the cable companies just go in with an underground torpedo "
Insightful bull_hit
Slashdot has some moronic kids moderating the posts

Try horizontal boring, then pulling conduit through, then pulling the fibre through the condute. Much more boring than an f'ing torpedo

In Oz you can put fibres all through your own property, but not across boundaries into other properties, or under roads or other public space and I expect it would be the same in any first world country.

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