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Comment Big Brother & DRM (Score 2) 715

I use Linux because I am free to use it the way I want and it is trusted because source is available.
I expect DRM will get wedged into systemd so you can't avoid Big Brother.
Linux will then be a "Trusted OS" because proprietary DRM code will be running underneath everything we do.
You will not be able to stop it without breaking all the applications which play video, music, download files, etc.
I do not trust Hollywood to be in my system, watching my every move.
If everything is tied together in a binary it can't be avoided.

Comment Where the hell is Jacobs Well (Score 1) 464

Where the hell is Jacobs Well ????????????

Between Brisbane and Gold Coast Australia
Under 1,000 people, on the bay, friendly town
best boating and fishing
1/2 hour to the surf
2 great pubs
rural, sugar cane area, tank water
good real estate prices
commute to city or coast
but I work from home
between 2 international airports, 2 casinos .......

Comment an IT company without IT guys and gals (Score 1) 607

isn't an IT company.

I watched an IT (manufacturing and research) company slowly die.
Started with printed circuit boards from Hong Kong,
then they arrived stuffed and flow soldered,
then they arrived machine tested,
then the repairs were done over there,
then new systems were developed in China.

With each cost saving a few more people were made redundant,
until they just had a manager, accountant and secretary.

Comment market controlling the market (Score 1) 158

Everything good in this world is in the market - Bullshit !!!!!
We can't let greed control greed - it don't work !!!!!
Australia's carbon tax, which was repealed by the worlds worst leader, is the way to go.
If our dick head prime minister said it's bad, it must be really good !!!!!

Hurt the bastards bottom line - profit, it's the only thing companies and share holders understand.
Make their products - e.g. coal fired electricity production, uneconomic and more expensive than clean, green electricity.
Make shipping products half way around the world more expensive than local production.
Make the petrochemical industries uneconomic.
Put a real cost on digging big f___ing holes in the ground.
Recycle the materials we already have in the system.
Put a real price on international air travel to stop people wastefully flying across the globe for no good reason.
Tax road transport per kilometer.
Green companies get savings from their efficiency and give increased profits.
We get cheap or free solar electricity, after paying off your solar system it is ostensibly free.

Comment Queensland balls up (Score 1) 186

Of course it's costing 95% for support and maintenance, there are no licensing or purchase costs. Would that last 5% be hardware costs, management costs, biscuits for morning tea ?

When is a commercial EHR system not proprietary and when is an open source electronic health record system proprietary ?

Governments all over the world are busting to give OUR money away to big corporations !!!

Projections of $11B over 18 years, who's a betting man ? will it double or triple over the 18 years ???

The health department system implemented in Queensland, Australia was a total balls up. IBM ?

Comment Re:Remember that remote substation that was attack (Score 1) 168

If you want to do it properly, make cuts in the fiber and multiple breaks or blocks in the conduits. It's one thing to repair a break, another to pull a new section of fiber, but if you have to dig up and replace conduits the job just got a whole lot bigger. Do it out in the bush and you disconnect whole cities or states.

Comment A little green rozetta (Score 1) 260

As you can see, MUSIC can get you pretty fucked up...

Now you see, some places in the Third World it might be difficult to dance to this because
the kerosene record player is not a very efficient device.. .And a lot of times they run out of,
they run out of spunk right in the middle of the chorus...

We suggest that in places like the Fourth World where things are really tough that you
keep the record player going by rubbing two sticks together. And if all else fails, throw
the record away...

They're pretty good musicians
But it don't make no difference
If they're good musicians
Because anybody who would buy this record
Doesn't give a fuck if there's good musicians
On it
Because this is a stupid song

thanks to F.Z.

Comment not paying me (Score 1) 281

Our power company is paying only 6c/kwh. It's not worth it to charge up someone elses fecking electric car.
A smart grid isn't required, it's happening anyway with a dumb network.
More panels in a local LV network gives a better proportion of solar going into all your neighbours.
Governments are only taking care of rich pricks.
It's up to people to lead the way, it's helping your neighbours, it's a community thing.
Think globally, act locally.
I'm getting some NiFe batteries.

Comment coffee shout (Score 1) 261

We used to take it in turns making coffee for everyone.
Pick up the tray, go around pick up everyone's cups, list of preferences in the tea room, return with coffees and cookies.
You get to know everyone, have a quick chat, stay wired all day, get away from the screen, move around.
But the main thing is keeping up the communications.

Comment Re: parcel data that definitively unreliable (Score 2) 117

Every day I go to different locations for work on major and minor roads. I look up Google most nights and apart from recent development work everything is right where it should be. Including boundaries, power poles, storm drain access covers, pits, substations, railings, pram ramps, gutters, condition and width of shoulders. I can even look up power poles and get an idea of fittings and condition. Too bad for you Boo Boo, it's bloody great for me.

Comment natural paralysis (Score 1) 81

Ripping out a couple of fibre optic cables has the same effect, as happened with severe storms in Australia.
I'm sure one disenfranchised pleb could easily create the same mayhem, US corporations have the most to loose.
And if a few plebs got organised ???
The rest of the world is laughing at the NSA.

Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must be first overcome. -- Dr. Johnson