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Comment: Re: parcel data that definitively unreliable (Score 2) 117

by bigtreeman (#49015889) Attached to: Google Earth Pro Now Available Free

Every day I go to different locations for work on major and minor roads. I look up Google most nights and apart from recent development work everything is right where it should be. Including boundaries, power poles, storm drain access covers, pits, substations, railings, pram ramps, gutters, condition and width of shoulders. I can even look up power poles and get an idea of fittings and condition. Too bad for you Boo Boo, it's bloody great for me.

Comment: natural paralysis (Score 1) 81

by bigtreeman (#48846665) Attached to: NSA Prepares For Future Techno-Battles By Plotting Network Takedowns

Ripping out a couple of fibre optic cables has the same effect, as happened with severe storms in Australia.
I'm sure one disenfranchised pleb could easily create the same mayhem, US corporations have the most to loose.
And if a few plebs got organised ???
The rest of the world is laughing at the NSA.

Comment: WW I & II (Score 1) 154

I'd put it down to world wars I & II which caused a massive acceleration in development of all types including land and air transport, computers, electronics, nuclear.
The nuclear bomb coincided with jet flight, the transistor was 2 years later.
And much of this development started with the industrial revolution in the 1800s.
It was also a time when women were prominent in industry and the war effort, suffraget late 1800s to women's liberation 1960s effectively doubled the working population and changed society.
Nuclear is an event which wasn't causal but only a useful marker.
It's just another fuck-up by the industrial age but I'd feel the petrochemical/plastics industry has had a much more pivotal and destructive effect than nuclear.

Comment: VLAD (Score 3, Informative) 316

by bigtreeman (#48836047) Attached to: Eric Holder Severely Limits Civil Forfeiture

I'm in Queensland Australia. We have the VLAD laws
A biker used to live around the corner from us.
His home and everything has been taken as proceeds of crime, it is now a construction zone ? fenced off, no entry.
He's probably in gaol.
And that's just for being a biker.
All so the conservative state government can be seen to be hard on crime.

Comment: Are you taking the piss out of me ?? (Score 1) 245

by bigtreeman (#48751537) Attached to: Bill Gates Endorses Water From Human Waste

We drink filtered rain water from our tank, beautiful.
After drinking some really bad water from various water treatment plants in cities and towns around Australia, can't go past rain water.
There are a few water recycling plants in SE Queensland, but generally for non-drinking purposes.
All my life I've known water is the most important ingredient for life.
I thought Bill was a straight, never picked him for watersports (urophilia)

Comment: I'm a happy guy now (Score 2) 420

by bigtreeman (#48701921) Attached to: The Open Office Is Destroying the Workplace

Last job as a bench tech, I'd finish the required work, then do my own projects.
The in shelves were empty, the out shelves were full, customers were happy,
but the boss let me go.
Now I can listen to Frank Zappa loud through speakers instead of quiet ear buds.

"I'm a happy guy now on the day shift at the utility muffin research kitchen,
arrogantly twisting the sterile canvas snoot of a fully-charged icing anointment utensil."

Comment: predicted 10 years ago (Score 1) 222

by bigtreeman (#48607841) Attached to: Linking Drought and Climate Change: Difficult To Do

According to this modelling done 10 years ago


it's not as simple as global warming
I stopped using the term global warming ages ago
and instead use the term extreme climate

" ... we cannot say that climate change caused a particular drought, but only that it is expected to increase the frequency, intensity, and duration of drought in some regions and that such changes are being observed ... "

More cyclones = more cyclone swells = more surf = great

surfs up dudes

and yes I blame man because of the rapid changes in extreme climate

To be a kind of moral Unix, he touched the hem of Nature's shift. -- Shelley