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Comment: Re:Is this that important ? (Score 1) 434

by bigredpaul (#26408733) Attached to: Attempt To "Digitalize" Beatles Goes Sour
Frank Sinatra was a narcissist and ridiculous. He never took the time to understand what the songs were about. A truly great singer, like Tony Bennett or k.d. lang, for instance, is one who sings in service to the song. Sinatra sang a song in service to himself. And while the sound of his voice is lovely, his singing is wretched. I can't stand to listen to him.

Comment: Re:this was modded +5 insightful????? (Score 1) 180

by bigredpaul (#26405339) Attached to: Another Attempt At Using the Courts To Suppress an Online Review
The difference between chiropractic and massage therapy, though, is that massage therapy is becoming increasingly studied and found to have significant benefit for many conditions. The big associations of massage therapists want and encourage more scientific study of massage.

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