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Comment Re:Where are all the English teachers? (Score 1) 119

Most Westerners who head over there live in the best areas of China, the industrialized metropolitan areas. Not to mention, they are mostly treated like royalty. The local Chinese, unless they have connections to the Chinese Communist Party (or know someone who does) don't get treated nearly half as nice. Sure, there are Chinese who post all over internet forums, speaking about how China is modernizing and democracy is just around the corner. These people mostly belong to the upper-middle class living in the larger, wealthier cities (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen). 90% of them have benefited by either knowing someone in the Chinese Communist Party or someone who has connections to those who do (i.e. parents, relatives, friends). For most of the Chinese mainlanders living in China, they are no better off than they were 60 years ago. The CCP leaders in Beijing will do absolutely anything they can to retain their grip on power and rule the country with an iron fist. Westerners heading over there either as exchange students, English tutors, diplomats, or businessmen are not exposed to this darker side of China and live in a completely different world. It's all a facade erected by the Chinese Communist Party to convince them that human rights and standards of living have indeed changed due to all the foreign direct investment into the Chinese economy. When in actuality, across the board, it couldn't be further from the truth. One basic rule when dealing with the Communist hardliners and pro-CCP Chinese: Their word usually means nothing and they make a living out of deceiving people. Take that into consideration and you'll understand why so many Westerners come back glowing about the place.

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