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Comment: Re:Hypocrites (Score 1) 223

by Quarters (#49581311) Attached to: Windows 10 Can Run Reworked Android and iOS Apps

Would you care to provide some links to support your claim? I mean what I assume is your claim that Microsoft wrote an amicus brief supporting Oracle in the lawsuit. There is no such thing as being 'an amicus'.

I can find many supports showing Microsoft in support of an appeal of the case, including a posted story right here on Slashdot

I can find zero stories about them being in support of Oracle.

Comment: So about 8' from my front door? (Score 4, Interesting) 67

by Quarters (#49519227) Attached to: USPS Shortlists 'HorseFly' Octocopter Drone Delivery Service

That thing is freaking huge. Each copter arm has to be at least 4' - 5' long. Factor in the roof overhang over my front door, and the landscaping, and the closest this thing could get a package to my doorstep would be about 8' away, but that puts it right into another landscaped area. So, my packages will either be somewhere in my front yard or on my driveway. All of this just so a postal worker doesn't have to get up out of a seat and walk the package all the way to my door?


Comment: Re:Oh look, it's the Java killer... (Score 2) 253

by Quarters (#48979849) Attached to: Microsoft Open Sources CoreCLR, the<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.NET Execution Engine

Given that you haven't stopped using the tired $ = S replacement in "Microsoft" almost 12 1/2 years after it was summarily called out as being childish and stupid ( I seriously doubt your "5 years after" claim.

Comment: Re:Let's glorify genius when incompetence is to bl (Score 1) 458

by Quarters (#48946797) Attached to: How, and Why, Apple Overtook Microsoft

Ineptness? While he is large, boisterous, and a bit of a buffoon, you have to give Balmer credit for greatly increasing Microsoft's market value over the length of his tenure as CEO and for starting many of the initiatives that are coming to fruition under Nadella.

Apple hasn't really overtaken Microsoft. Apple focuses on consumer tech. That takes large R&D budgets, large design budgets, and a lot of risk. It is also a segment where you have to continually invent new markets or else you will become irrelevant very quickly. Microsoft has always focused on the enterprise. There are large dollars there without the huge risk of being a consumer oriented tech company. Sure, Apple has more cash on hand and a larger market cap than Microsoft. That's not at all the same as Microsoft being on the ropes. One or two major flops or missed opportunities and Apple's fortunes will turn quickly. The enterprise isn't going anywhere. Both companies have their market segments identified and are doing just fine in them.

Comment: Re:Microsoft is not less evil,more companies are E (Score 1) 525

by Quarters (#48374573) Attached to: Microsoft To Open Source<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.NET and Take It Cross-Platform

Monopoly means single, sole supplier. 89.95% (as of 10/14) is not a monopoly. It's exactly 10.15% (as of 10/14) short of being a monopoly. Just because no desktop Linux distribution can market itself out of a paper bag and Apple is happy with high margin low volume machines that doesn't mean Microsoft is a sole supplier.

"being a monopoly is terrible, because people do not have a choice in using a product"
So if I go invent some new item/widget/process/service/whatever that the world has never seen before and I end up doing amazingly well because of it I'm terrible? I'm the first and only supplier so I have a monopoly for no other reason than I had a brilliant idea and brought it to market. That doesn't make me terrible it makes me an innovator. Almost every government of the world will let me benefit from that by granting my a patent on my idea to give me a legally protected monopoly position for about a quarter decade. Nothing about any of that makes me or my fictitious company terrible - other than you and your incorrect definition of and views on monopolies.

Hypothetical situations that refute your ignorant statements aside, Microsoft is not a monopoly. There are competing products and people every day choose to use them. Microsoft is not attempting to stifle the sales of devices that run other operating systems. It even creates markets on those systems; Office for Mac, Office Mobile for iOS & Android, Skype for just about damn everything - and even contributions to Linux, being the largest kernel submitter for 2012 and most of 2013. All of that helps increase the adoption of those platforms. That is not the behavior of an illegal monopolist.

Communism has nothing to do with monopolies, absolutely nothing. Straw-man arguments are the first and last refuge of someone ill equipped to properly debate the topic at hand. If you believe Soviet era Russia only had one supplier for anything your knowledge of history is woefully small.

I know about computing history in the 1990s. Again, it is irrelevant to the Build announcements this week. The Microsoft of 2014 is behaving amazingly well; developing good products and embracing the idea of letting developers use their tools to deploy software on a multitude of platforms, not just those that Microsoft owns.

The only group of people that don't appear to appreciate what was announced at Build are people that just want to have a villain so they can act hurt and repressed. The only villains doing that to them are themselves.

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