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Comment Re:It's a nice start (Score 2) 56

Does MS even track CVE's internally or externally? I honestly don't know if they do/don't and would love to see what they were doing in the past.

Right now ANY information is better than NO information as I'm trying to push updates to clients and these fixes are all a Mystery of what could be a fix for an issue and something that I want to wait for awhile.

Comment is it AR-KAY-TEE or WRECKED? (Score 0) 50

I much before WRECKED as it gives off this whole, I dunno, edgy vibe from some of the COD meme's i've seen about. If the devs make a sub package called m8, wot, or mlg I know they are in on the joke.

For those of you that have no clue what I'm talking about turn the volume down and watch this:

Comment Re:Company that nobody has every heard of goes und (Score 4, Interesting) 59

You've never seen the graphs, the charts,the data that comes from this site. It's astounding to watch, I used to have a TV showing all the traffic coming from various countries and it was like watching Thermonuclear Warfare in action.

You've probably never heard of that game from a movie you've never watched either. We get it.

Comment Incoming Priority URL on VZ, CC, and TWC (Score 1) 99

I can only imagine that the big cable companies will do everything in their power to make sure that all the links to the major Speed/Bandwidth test providers are set to have the utmost in priority for the NYC area. Those who were promised 50/50 and were reports 25/25 now show 50/50 or more nearly everytime.

While good in concept this will ultimately fail due to the shadiness of the Cable Companies.

Comment Bring More Solutions than just One (Score 4, Insightful) 74

Which is all these Management types want is Solution(S) to problems they have and not "Well just buy off the shelf product X, it'll do" when there are alternatives available.

Open Source solutions are not always the best solution but they are A solution to the problems. Remember you need someone that can tinker around with the software unless you are buying support from a vendor.

    Nothing worse than some PHB saying "It's free! No payments! Saves us tons of money!" and completely forgets that the only person that knew how to use the software at all was some intern that left a month after the project was done for a better paying gig somewhere else.

Comment Shutdown Port 1900 on WAN0 (Score 2) 65

Good lord this is such a non issue even Windows XP's Firewall blocks this vulnerability from occurring naturally. You have to implicitly allow port 1900 to go OUT your firewall which is nonsense into and of itself. Furthermore, if you ALLOW your WAN port to be open on port 1900 you may be screwed.

Since most (I'm assuming) firewalls sold in this day and age Deny everything and only Allow when queried an attacker would have to be on your local LAN in order to sniff out an affected device and then hopefully hack through the compromised device to get into your system.

I'm more concerned with the vulnerable Android apps having the flaws than my TV being 'hacked'.

Comment Why are they on Social Media??? (Score 0) 256

Serious question here: Why in the hell would they (The parents) have anything pertinent to their lives be on a social media site where these guys live and prey upon. Take it down, bury it a mile under that FREE GRAVEL, and don't use it again.

Yes I'm sure people will say "OH YOU SHOULDNT HAVE TO HIDE!" and for that I say to hell with that thought when it comes to my livelihood. Whatever I have to do to keep the lights on for myself and my family and if that means I don't have a Facebooks, Twitterz, or InstaGrams account so be it.

  Let the kids be the outlet for family photos or better yet use email/SMS/MMS for the handful of people that they communicate with. Go Dark and Get off the Net. If they hack your work email well that's more fuel for the Lawyers from a MAJOR F@@KIN COMPANY to go after and bury these twatmonkies.

Comment Re:The 360 library (Score 3, Informative) 63

You can't 100% fault MS for the lack of games, it's the publisher's as well.

MS in one of their press conferences said that they are more than happy to work with a publisher to get their game backwards compatible but it's upto the PUBLISHER not MS in order to start that ball rolling. Considering some of these games are 7+ years old , code probably sitting under someone's desk drawer in a bunch of ZIP drives, and now with digital rights being put into play let alone if any of the rights holders exist or are alive, you have a mess of a time trying to roll this out.

Now there is 0 excuse for first party titles not being supported. That's a MS issue 100%, but with hundreds of games out there, it's upto the Publisher's to push forward.

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