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Comment Why are they on Social Media??? (Score 0) 252

Serious question here: Why in the hell would they (The parents) have anything pertinent to their lives be on a social media site where these guys live and prey upon. Take it down, bury it a mile under that FREE GRAVEL, and don't use it again.

Yes I'm sure people will say "OH YOU SHOULDNT HAVE TO HIDE!" and for that I say to hell with that thought when it comes to my livelihood. Whatever I have to do to keep the lights on for myself and my family and if that means I don't have a Facebooks, Twitterz, or InstaGrams account so be it.

  Let the kids be the outlet for family photos or better yet use email/SMS/MMS for the handful of people that they communicate with. Go Dark and Get off the Net. If they hack your work email well that's more fuel for the Lawyers from a MAJOR F@@KIN COMPANY to go after and bury these twatmonkies.

Comment Re:The 360 library (Score 3, Informative) 63

You can't 100% fault MS for the lack of games, it's the publisher's as well.

MS in one of their press conferences said that they are more than happy to work with a publisher to get their game backwards compatible but it's upto the PUBLISHER not MS in order to start that ball rolling. Considering some of these games are 7+ years old , code probably sitting under someone's desk drawer in a bunch of ZIP drives, and now with digital rights being put into play let alone if any of the rights holders exist or are alive, you have a mess of a time trying to roll this out.

Now there is 0 excuse for first party titles not being supported. That's a MS issue 100%, but with hundreds of games out there, it's upto the Publisher's to push forward.

Comment Yes, Yes I do (Score 1, Insightful) 266

Because the more of these people that enter the tech field the sooner they can start answering the phones for "Helpdesk, how can I help you?" and have 0 chance of them leaving that career path due to their complete and utter lack of technical aptitude. This frees those people who have tech skills to better put to use instead of answering the damn phone from users who still can't figure out how to turn on Wifi on their laptop.

Comment Gigabit network with a 200GB cap (Score 2) 253

is pointless. No wait, it's GENIUS!

Customer: We want faster Internets!
Comcast: Well we will give you the fastest Gigabits!
Customer: MOAR NETFLIXZ! <downloads 4k movies>, XBOX LIVEZ! <plays games hosted at 1080p>, F-U LIVE TV! <steams HBO 1080p movies in 3 rooms>
[end of the Month]
Customer: $400 bill?!?!? WTF!!!!111!
Comcast: Well now you see you had a 200GB limit on data and you went clear over it.
Customer: But you said it was GIGABITS FAST!
Comcast: Yes...yes it is...<Maniacal Cackling on a mountain of gold>

Comment Re:Shocking: a hybrid solution was expensive (Score 1) 316

Poor project planning and requirements not noticed until the last minute. Most of these conversion projects are wrapped up in the "OMG I SAVE $$$$" ballpark without looking at the whole picture. This is why you are seeing a startling lack of "X gov't switched from MS to OpenOffice(or clone)" these days.

People started to realize that there are somethings that MS Office has a stranglehold on and no matter the how cheap the other software is you cannot get rid of Office 2k20. That and the conversion factor of the old HIdden Additional Costs=Time+Training. No one ever factors in Training in a cost.

Comment Re:Hopefully not a result... (Score 5, Informative) 48

Since he works with/at the Internet Archive he will be scanning all these documents in and posting them online for everyone to see and view.

He cannot do the scanning right now as the owners need to close the warehouse down and cull the books.

The owners are going through and tossing duplicates into the dumpster and leaving only 1 or 2 good copies of the manuals, this will cut down on the clutter and make the packing and sorting easier. The logistics are still being worked on but he's got a few storage units and after everything is moved out then the process of scanning/copying begins.

Being that he works with/at the biggest digital hoarding warehouse on the interwebs I think we will see 10s of thousands of interesting and bizzare reads coming out of this haul in the next years. Granted 99% of this stuff isn't around any more but the information may be useful down the road to someone looking to recreate some tech that was done decades ago but no one remembers how it was done (Apollo rocket engines, samurai swords, types of pottery, etc.)

Amicable goal and I wish I was there to help.

Comment Re:Thank you, early updaters (Score 1) 317

You are quite welcome.

I've been running the Windows 10 Insider version for the last 3 months on several different PC's and the only one that has an issue on were laptops from before 2008 that needed the 32bit only version.

Beyond that it's been a breeze to run and have had a relatively painless experience testing the new features. Microsoft Edge is a bloat free joy compared to IE and the tiles abominations are shoved into their own corner of the desktop (I can even disable them!), the charm bar is gone (thank god), and the settings/control panel is a clean slate that's easy to navigate.

Are there bugs? Yes of course. Was there a few hiccups in updating/installing? Of course. I don't expect this update to be flawless but I do expect a more receptive desktop with less bloat and clutter than Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Comment Break it down by System Type (Score 2) 319

Server: Latest with 1 week after patches released unless security mandated. This way let's see what else breaks.

Laptop/Desktop: Latest Windows with the above caveat. Apple update to the latest, no need to wait, apple patches so rarely. No Linux desktop/laptop (Who does that anymore?)

Phone/Mobile: Latest, always. Chances are if it breaks it's because of some rare use case some idiot did doing something equally stupid.

Gaming Consoles: Latest, do it, patch everything ASAP, go beta here for nifty new features!

Comment Home USE !=Business Use (Score 3, Funny) 175

Congrats you can upgrade your latest hot shite box to the latest hotness. Fantatsic. Now what about those servers that have millions of people trying to contact your business through? Hell to the No.

You want your systems to be running stable, known working, and reliable code. Who cares if it's version 10 and not version 10.0.4134. Let the dev monkies play with the updates in the background and when a service release is out test it further.

Unless there is a positive gain (security, feature release, or annual patch) then the old code is just fine. It works, don't touch it, leave it the hell alone and go play with your crap in your lab.

Another reason I hate the DevOPS movement. Combines the worst of habits of a Dev Monkey and a System Admin.

Comment Put in a @#%$$ Firewall (Score 1) 100

For the love of {Diety} put in a damn firewall and NAT that shit. What kind of half ass implementation is being sold out there for these people? Is this lowest installation price around or is there a common link to all 5800 gas stations?

I would not be surprised if this is all one single vendor who supplied and installed these setups to different gas station suppliers.

Please someone name the company involved with this nonsense so we can ridicule them for this stupidity.

This is no worse than people who have no passwords on their NVR's.

Comment Re:Public Stoning is too good... (Score 0) 139

You think that was me getting worked up? Aren't you a Sensitive Susan.

You think it's OK that some set of mouth breathers is able to sell a service to the highest bidder to take down several major corporations? What happens when they attempt to attack someone outside of the gaming sphere? What then? That OK too or should I hand wring and not get 'upset'.

The article is about a mercenary group of thug scriptards who are soon going to be shown what a PITA prison is like. You don't go around taking down big corps like this for the LULZ forever and not expect to get caught.

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