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Comment: Regulating the internet is bad, on any level (Score 1) 945

by bifrost (#34690738) Attached to: The Right's War On Net Neutrality

Which is why this is not a left/right issue.
The right currently doesn't want to regulate the internet, we should all want that.
The left currently wants to regulate the internet and impose restrictions on it, do not want!
The fact that people trust the FCC to regulate the internet when the same people don't want the FCC regulating TV/Radio is what makes this whole issue so hillarious.

The fact is that once the government gets to regulate the internet, they get to regulate it more and more.
Rarely have we seen the case where regulations ever go away, so we should avoid it like the plague.
Imagine the imposition of taxes on the internet, thats been a meme/troll for years, yet this could make it happen.
Imagine the FCC imposing content restrictions because it maybe "violates US interests", that would have people up in arms.
If you want to avoid the problem, don't have the government in the business of regulating the internet, period.

If there are problems with content/eyeball providers, the courts should be used to sort that out, it'll be much more effective than any
governmental relief ever could be.

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