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Comment: Re:Maybe Usless (Score 1) 207

The isolated psycopath or sociopath may be the ultimate threat to national security.

They're not, though. While capable of doing horrible things they are a local threat at best. Nothing they do will have national effects beyond "This thing happened so I, a politician, will sign this legislation that saves my face"

Comment: Re:How about warrants with probable cause? (Score 1) 509

by biek (#45680981) Attached to: NSA Head Asks How To Spy Without Collecting Metadata

The NSA's job is to spy on the rest of the world, but leave the US citizens alone. This guy seems unable to accept that one little limit in their charter.

I was under the impression they actually were playing by these rules, but exploiting the loophole of "Hey, THOSE countries are the ones doing the collection of data on US citizens. It just so happened we also had interesting information on their population so we decided to trade."

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