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Comment: Legitimate use for this hack (Score 2, Interesting) 121

by biduxe (#28713731) Attached to: Integrating Wikipedia With a Local Intranet Wiki

Am I the only one which cannot see any legitimate uses for this hack.

Why lure your users into thinking the content is on wikipedia if it is on your network?
Can't your users use wikipedia _and_ your wiki.

Sincerely I think that the goal for this hack is luring users to think they're reading/editing wikipedia for someone's profit.

Comment: Listen to music from your computer with a radio (Score 3, Interesting) 208

by biduxe (#28666429) Attached to: Stealing Data Via Electrical Outlet

A great deal of people here already know, but for the others:

Software to generate images (noise) on your CRT screen so that the generated interference will translate as sound you can listen to on a radio receiver

It works great to listen to music when you do not have a sound card!

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