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Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 3, Interesting) 1834

Indeed. A higher moderation cap is fine

I'd rather make it harder to climb. Something like 1+2+3 to get to +5 and -1-2-3 to push it back down, and keep both separate.

So you need 1+2+3=6 upvotes for +5, but if a single downvote is cast you'll need 1+2+3+4=10 upvotes to return to +5. It also makes group moderation harder since you'll need 3 moderating sock-puppets to shift by 2 if no one else interferes. A controversial post might get 1+2+3+4 upvotes and -1-2-3 downvotes for a +1 shift.

As it stands, too many posts bump to the +5 limit.

Comment Re:"weak" UX often found w/ the most powerful SW (Score 1) 402

Many high end, professional programs are in fact rather hard to learn and pick up.

Well of course, if you spend 20 hours a week using a single software. There are 2-3 that I use enough to master them.

Not every piece of software is a "special snowflake" that deserves its own non-standard UX, no matter what its developper believes. The problem is not "the user is king", it's "the developper is king" who wears his emperor's new clothes by thinking users have 30 hours to waste in 30 programs to be functional.

I've spent many years in an IDE that mapped "close" to ctrl-cmd-W to keep the important emacs shortcut free, amongst many key shifts. I had no problem adapting since I spent most of my time in it, but you should have seen those who dabbled in it... That completely cured me of any fantasy that users will pick the bestest over the easiest.

No, you make the interface as standard as you can and you only deviate if there's a marked gain in efficiency. And even then, it's the same as the master rule of optimisation: don't.

Comment Re:"weak" UX often found w/ the most powerful SW (Score 1) 402

If the default interface is standard and efficient, you don't need to configure everything. There's nothing more hateful than using another person's computer and being unable to do anything because they configured everything away and none of it fits your own configuring away. I had to force my gitconfig on everyone at the office to get around this.

That's the problem with many Open Source UX, they apply their vi/emacs knowledge and force the user to adapt to the program instead of adapting the program to their use. If it doesn't work out-of-the-box, I'll find something else that does. Just look at Dwarf Fortress with its 3 ways to move the cursor, for instance.

There's also the reverse problem, there are many cases where you'd like to know which command-line options matches that checkbox because it's much easier to change the config from the cli than to roam around the variable UI of the Mac / Win / Linux versions.

Comment Re:A truly rare find (Score 1) 249

Let's pick a plausible-enough example... What if in 200 years there is such a population crunch that we need a "cap and trade" on new babies, and procreation and birth control are such that... I don't know, unsafe sex without a permit was as morally risky as driving drunk and for similar reasons?

No need to go that far. Driving a gaz-guzzing car, smoking tobacco, killing and eating animals. Although I must admit that using a woman's body for reproduction is discusting, we have tanks for that.

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