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Comment Re:A truly rare find (Score 1) 249

Let's pick a plausible-enough example... What if in 200 years there is such a population crunch that we need a "cap and trade" on new babies, and procreation and birth control are such that... I don't know, unsafe sex without a permit was as morally risky as driving drunk and for similar reasons?

No need to go that far. Driving a gaz-guzzing car, smoking tobacco, killing and eating animals. Although I must admit that using a woman's body for reproduction is discusting, we have tanks for that.

Comment Re:I'm sorry, what? (Score 1) 368

Who this policy is going to kill however is the small artist that is barely making ends meet. The ones that don't move millions of copies. The ones that appeal to a specific subset of people. You know, the stuff that isn't mass produced crap which would fall in to the area most music lovers would call "good music" if it happens to land in their preferred genre.

Why? Do you think consumers will stop listening to them after 3 months?

Big name artists have had more than 3 months visibility to build followers. The 3 free months eat their profit . Less known artists can ride their coattails. The 3 free months helps them gains new followers.

Or maybe you believe in broken windows and a 3-month loss won't be be worth the future gain no matter the conversion rate.

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