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Comment: Already fixed in iPhone OS 4.0 (Score 5, Interesting) 264

by bic2k (#32367300) Attached to: iPhone's PIN-Based Security Transparent To Ubuntu

Ya, one of the new features in iPhone OS 4.0 is "Data Protection". Specified files for applications are on the fly encrypted and decrypted. The phone has to be unlocked (valid pin entered) to access the data.

Seems like they already handled this issue, unless someone wants to test that on an iPhone with 4.0 running on it...

Comment: Yes I would (Score 1) 905

by bic2k (#11889997) Attached to: Would You Pay 5 Cents For a Song?
5 cents a song... a cd's worth would cost you around $1. Most new cd's only have a few songs worth owning anyways, so really your paying for what you like. As an added bonus you also force music too be a higher quality. As mentioned, it would probably force bands to release songs or sets of songs instead of entire cd's. The overall quality of music would rise and the discontent of the people would lower. Of course try explaining that too the RIAA. They see dollar signs, not happiness.

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