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+ - Consumerist releases bracket for 2014 worst company in America

Submitted by bi$hop
bi$hop (878253) writes "The Consumerist is proud to present the first round match-ups for this year’s Worst Company in America tournament!

There are several returning competitors, including previous champs EA and Comcast, three-time runner-up (and sort of winner from when it acquired Countrywide) Bank of America, the perennially hated Ticketmaster and PayPal (with their respective corporate counterparts LiveNation and eBay). There are also some new names on the list, like Koch Industries and lawsuit-happy seed company Monsanto. There’s also SeaWorld making a splash on WCIA 2014, presumably because people have been watching that Blackfish documentary.

Voting will begin tomorrow, March 19..."

+ - Consumerist releases contenders for 2014 worst company in America->

Submitted by bi$hop
bi$hop (878253) writes "After sorting through a mountain of nomination e-mails, we’ve whittled down the field of competitors for this year’s Worst Company In America tournament to 40 bad businesses. Here’s your chance to have your say on how these players will square off in the bracket, and which bubble teams will get left out in the cold.

The poll below has the names of all 40 contenders for the 2014 Golden Poo trophy. You can vote for up to 8 companies. The result of your votes will inform the seeding for the bracket that we post tomorrow. So be sure to read through the list (presented in random order) to make sure the eight companies whose boxes you tick are companies that really tick you off."

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Comment: Why don't you just get a degree? (Score 1) 472

by bi$hop (#44108547) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Getting Hired As a Self-Taught Old Guy?
No, really. Be honest with yourself about why you don't have a degree. An impressive degree is an accomplishment that takes hard work, commitment, and time. Don't let your pride fool you into thinking you have nothing to learn. Don't let your wallet fool you into thinking you can't afford it. And most of all, don't let your lack of a degree be an excuse.

+ - Mechanical 'Robo Raven' is so realistic, real birds fly in formation->

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bi$hop (878253) writes "We humans are surprisingly good at traveling when off the ground: We have planes that can fly at five times the speed of sound and we've traveled all the way to the moon and back — at least if you believe NASA and Neil Armstrong.

One thing we haven't yet been able to do, though, is fly like a bird. All that flapping and flying involves some pretty complex mechanics and has been so-far unachievable. But researchers at the University of Maryland and the Army Research Laboratory have a had a breakthrough: A mechanical bird so realistic that actual birds either attack it or fly in formation with it."

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