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Comment: Re:skating on the edge of legal? (Score 1) 302 302

Where does the line get drawn?

It is drawn by the underwriters of the drivers insurance company. If they can figure a way not to pay they will take it. If there is even a hint of a possibility that the event is commercial and the driver hasn't invested in commercial insurance then your friend is SOL if injured. Say the right words or wrong words in a police report and it's done.

A few years ago I was hit by a 2x4 that flew off of a van. The driver of the van mentioned to the officer that he had just left a house he was painting and forgot to remove the board from the top of the van. His insurance company called me a few days later to tell me that his personal auto insurance wasn't going to cover me since he was obviously using the van for work and didn't have commercial insurance. I slip of his tongue, and I was screwed. Yes my uninsured coverage kicked in this case but that wouldn't be an Uber option.

I guess your one friend could sue your the other friend to cover the health deductible if needed but that'd be uncomfortable for all 3 of you.

Comment: Re:A useful link for all of ya ... (Score 1) 1097 1097

I'm amazed at the nonsense posted here. It's like seeing Klansman claim that if they burn enough crosses and hold enough marches "them **** will learn their place!" It's foolish and counterproductive. (Unless, of course, your real goal is to further oppress them. Hmmm...)

So, if I understanding what you're saying then everything would work out for the better if we all join in and stand around the burning cross singing Kumbaya? I think you group associations are ass backwards. The Cartoonists are the oppressed, terrorists are the oppressors.

Comment: Re:WebMD a starting point (Score 1) 79 79

Seems inevitable to me that the number of those that will self-diagnose and even attempt self-remedy whenever possible is on the rise. High deductible plans are becoming the norm.

I wonder how many are labeled as hypochondriacs who are really financially forced to make best guesses via whatever online resource(s) and experiment with homeopathic solutions? Yes there are plenty of true hypos out there, but besides those.....I wonder!

Comment: Re:I cant think of a single thing I own (Score 1) 196 196

It is about the 2 new refrigerators you will have to choose from when the need arises. Will you be willing to anti up for the model without adverts, even though it might cost you twice as much? Some undoubtedly will but I'm willing to bet that the majority will opt for more features or the cheaper price, feeling like they are getting more for the money.

We talk a lot about privacy on /. but ultimately is has a price and most are willing to sell it to the highest bidder. (eg. Facebook, your access to it is far from free).

Comment: Re:Fill the Gap (Score 2) 123 123

I recall empty seats in some university level tech classes while some were told the class was full. Apparently the empty seats were for non-attending (non-registered) minorities.

So not only are minorities not taking advantage of the education available, but they are interfering with the education of those that want to be there.

Comment: Hope it's sooner than he thinks (Score 1) 320 320

I look forward to the beginning of autopilotmobiles. However, I'll be one of the last to participate.

I picture the entertainment value of the work commute increasing exponentially. For example, if I need to take a lane I'll look for the autopilotmobiles and just cut in front, knowing that it will see the impending doom and hammer on the brakes.

If they make dedicated lanes then there best be a barrier between them and us regulars, it's impossible to keep the single drivers out of the existing HOV lanes.

Comment: Re:Folks I know on VA (Score 1) 279 279

"....While I'm on the subject, I've never met a Canadian or Britain who would trade their health care for ours...."

Canadian system (which is really a bunch of individual provincial systems with some oversight) has caused my family plenty of pain/grief. Speaking strictly of OHIP and AHC, never dealt with other provinces.

The issues with the American system typically revolve around cost to the individual while the Canadian systems have more to do with quality and timeliness of care.

As it stands right now, I'd take quality over cost. So, if responding to a /. post qualifies as "meeting someone" then you can never say the above again. If not, then continue your misinformed FUD.

Comment: Horrifying??? (Score 0) 158 158

The internet is a source of as much mis-information as it is information. In that you are censored with every click. What is truly horrifying is that some think this is horrifying. Back away from the tech for a few weeks.

While I would most definitely have to find a new profession, I view a world without the internet as refreshing and may go so far as to call it the beginnings of a utopia.

Comment: Pfffft, preventative care doesn't pay (Score 1) 162 162

While the theory of preventative care is great for marketing and selling the privacy intrusion to legislators, it has a negative impact on the bottom line. Ultimately the data is far more valuable to an insurance company than a healthcare provider.

Don't expect a call from your doctor, only an insurance rate increase notice in the mail.

Comment: Re:Causation (Score 1) 875 875

To the point others have already made. Considering the last 20 years, violent crime is on the decline while gun ownership is on the rise. No one is saying that the two are related but more importantly, they are not likely related. Therefore, more gun laws and controls would be "barking up the wrong tree".

But you can bet that if we enact new gun laws the already declining violent crime rate will be used as justification after the fact.

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