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Submission + - Microsoft face online fight with Hotmail Founder (

bharatm writes: "Sabeer Bhatia(The co-founder of Hotmail, the web-based e-mail service bought by Microsoft for $400 million a decade ago), is challenging the American software giant's core $20 billion (£9.7 billion) office desktop business. Yesterday Sabeer Bhatia released a free online rival to the bestselling Office suite of applications that will allow users to view, share and edit documents from any computer. Click here for more details."

Comment Page Locked. (Score 1) 307

I logged into Pages. wen i read the post on Digg.. thats around 30 mins. back and Google Pages was working fine. But now when i log in it says "Page Locked" "The Page is locked by another user" "Return to the Site Overview" "Break the lock and edit.." Break the Lock... What are Locks....?

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