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Comment Re:You're not really explaining why you use T-Bird (Score 2) 388

I do it... have local storage for remote imap accounts. Nothing stays in the cloud. I also run my own mail server.

"the younger crowd" seem to have taken the advice of "use someone else's..." to heart, just as a Harvard MBA will tell you to only focus on your own core competencies... taken to it's logical conclusion, it almost always leads to loss of core control and the wail of "But I followed best practices!!! what happened?!" is heard.

Comment A lesson long ago taught and learned (Score 1) 121

Good engineering is all about cost effective solutions, not whiz bang technologies.

Just because it's "cool" (read that as PC, opensource etc) doesn't make it good engineering. If it's bad engineering (not cost effective), there is no place for it. period. If your price is higher because you think it's cool, go work for apple.

Comment First of all (Score 5, Insightful) 271

40 is not a dinosaur. I'm 57 and have NO difficulty locating work. Fortunately (for me, not so much for employers). Employers have discovered that experience DOES count (and least those with more brains than a raven, those who don't... I don't want to work for anyway).

I also don't insist that I *deserve* every perc on the planet and that my work always be interesting.

Keep in mind, it's your work, not your life.

Comment Re:Must hackers be such dicks about this? (Score 3, Insightful) 270

Nope... The "king", at least on parchment, in this country is restrained from this type of behavior.

Yeah, I know, this is the real world and in fact our (United States) law enforcement (executive branch) officers (and these include the FBI) shoot unarmed people with impunity and pretty well do as they damned well please.


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