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Comment: Re:My opinion on the matter. (Score 1) 826

by bferrell (#47752177) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

and to piggy back, I just had systemd go wonky on my system... Seems it decided not to talk to dbus. dbus was actually running. I couldn't login, issue a reboot command, start or stop processes. As I'm working remotely, I was kind of hosed. I kill'd -9 dbus, and that seems to have caused the system to reboot. I'm not sure though... there was no logging to investigate before OR after.

As has been mentioned, the idea of systemd seems like something to be looked at. Having poorly tested coded rammed into a critical part of systems is a very poor idea. The often espoused idea that if it's not rammed in it will never be sufficiently tested. That to me speaks of monumental arrogance and impatience at a minimum.

Comment: Network best practices may say this... (Score 2) 348

"A firewall is a MUST".... However

1.) If you are a contractor (or an employee for that matter), and you're explicitly told not to do something, document your concerns, in writing and either do what they tell you or quit. This covers your butt when thing blow up. Note I said, when, not if. You don't get to dictate the business objectives in either case (contractor or employee).

2.) The networks/firewalls are only one part of the picture. I've noted other posts asking questions concerning the surrounding environment. These are good, even if they don't address point (1.) If a "best practice" for an element in the environment breaks the environment, then the "best practice" is invalid and MAY be ignored. It may also be that the app in question is brain dead, but that's a whole 'nother topic.

I've seen way too many "best practices" that do not account for the specific environment and even more "checklist" jockeys who can't figure out how to make things work without them. Learn to do more than to follow a flowchart/checklist.

Comment: I've been toying with rolling my own distro (Score 1) 533

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I've also been considered insane from time to time.

What I want:

1.) rpm/zypper/yum based package management. This allows rpm dependency resolution and installed package verification by the package manager.
2.) SysV init. It's clean and it "just" works.

I think those two are a good start. Being able to use an established automated build system is probably a good idea too.

    Any other thoughts?

Comment: Unfortunately IT has become checklists (Score 1) 306

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and my favorite dirty phrase "best practices"... Meaning "tell me what to do, I have no clue what the theory of operation is"

It's sad and in my opinion, from over 30 years experience, the product of testing and certification programs.... And manager/HR people who look for exactly those properties.

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Not rent. Mortgage. The additional lien/contract can make the home more difficult to sell.

*might* is an interesting word. I *might* win the lottery... It's unlikely, but it *might* happen.

In the mean time, we have an unregulated corporation with their hand in the consumers pocket for the lifetime of the rooftop lease (20 years).

The equipment, if purchased outright with all the incentives available, is paid off in 7 years or less... At which time, the energy would be truly free to the consumer and the installation becomes a powerful asset when it comes time to sell the property vs a contractual liability to be navigated and re-negotiated. Generally speaking, property improvement loans are paid off at the time a property sells and the new owner is now running without an electric utility bill. How's THAT for a selling point even at a 5 to 6 year occupancy estimate?.

Someone mentioned greed. The first scenario looks like corporate greed to me (and swapping one corporate "master" for another). The second looks like independence to me. Both are debatable as to how green (what IS the carbon/environmental footprint of panel/battery manufacture anyway?)

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