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Comment: That'll show those upper-middle-class types. (Score 1) 197

Without Telsa, who will compete with West Virginia's single BMW dealership!?! I guess anyone interested in the $70k luxury sedan range will have to drive the extra 56 miles to Ashland, KY if they want the full range of options. I sure hope they can afford the gas...

Comment: Long range outlook: batteries or fuel cells? (Score 2) 229

Right now, based on current technology, American companies are developing battery-powered electric cars, while Japanese are introducing those based on fuel cells. Over the long range, say in ten or twenty years, do you see one technology overtaking the other?

Comment: Sure it's a publicity stunt, but... (Score 1) 132

by berchca (#49256347) Attached to: Self-Driving Car Will Make Trip From San Francisco To New York City

Yes, Delphi, an basically unknown in the self-driving world, is trying to make a big splash by doing something that appears monumental while perhaps not actually making much of a leap forward in the technology. But out in most of America, self-driving cars are still pretty controversial. Accomplishments like this, assuming they pull it off, can make huge political advances.

And I don't know about you, but I'll be mighty frustrated if, when the technology arrives, we're stuck waiting on the legal system.

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