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Comment Re:This is just stupid. (Score 1) 1174

If this was DC applying a litmus test to their authors I might agree with you but this is a case of an artist and independently owned retailers making their opposition known. If Card is free to his views then so are they and they are free to express that.

Comment Re:Remember folks weather isn't climate, unless it (Score 0) 618

"the theory makes concrete predictions which have been observed to work out, over and over again." That's because we can observe live on our normal macro level. We don't have multiple earths to compare. "Science doesn't work by consensus" Peer review seems a lot like consensus to me.

Comment Re:viewsonic g-tab cyanogen (Score 1) 356

I had one of these and though it was worth it to me because it was one of the first android tablets an I wanted to sink my teeth into that, but the screen is really pretty bad. Now with other options out there I would say avoid the G-Tab. You can find Xooms for sub $300 if you are patient and the screen is world better.

Comment Re:Knew it (Score 2) 178

Just because people buy more games doesn't mean that they spend more time playing games. I may want a trivia game and a sports game and a card game but I only need one camera program to take a photo. That doesn't mean that I spend more time playing games than taking photos. Personally I think the photo, web and multimedia capabilities are the real killer app for smart phones, not games. I use the camera all the time for work just to record details or show damage of a product to a client. It's insanely fast and easy to just click share and have those photos ready in a web album on picasa. I also listen to podcasts, streaming music and talk radio all day from my phone. I think you'll also find that even for those people who spend a lot of time gaming on their phones they probably buy a lot more games than they actually play. With so many free and discount offers on Android markets it's really easy to fall into a habit of collecting all these games even if you don't often play them. I know I do this even though I hardly ever game on my phone.

"A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked." -- John Gall, _Systemantics_