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Comment: Re:What Western World? (Score 1) 115

by beothorn (#33416744) Attached to: Brazil Using Smartphones For Planning the Future
From a cultural point of view Brazil could very well belong to the West? Based on what are you saying this? Followed your link about corruption, Corruption Perceptions != Corruption (the television networks contribute a lot on this one). See this link

Comment: Re:Don't try and stop it. Let it happen. (Score 1) 1657

by beothorn (#33076782) Attached to: Global Warming 'Undeniable,' Report Says

But the planet is working on it. Remember how this year started, Earthquake after earthquake, followed by volcano. In two months we'll be discussing a new virulent strain of the flu, and then there will be more shaking, and more violent weather.

What does earthquakes have to do with it? Oh, and you forgot to say it will all happen in 2012

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