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Comment: Re: Sounds good to me (Score 1, Interesting) 555

The box had a warning label, but not the product, and unlike drain cleaner the product does not stay in the box, it's designed to be stuck to things. Furthermore the product looks like a cake decoration, a candy. In addition they then enhanced the buckyball line by introducing a range of candy colours, (oranges, pink, red, blue) from memory, the orange looked particularly delicious. The drugs industry goes to some effort to try to differentiate their pills from candy, buckyball were going in the opposite direction, it was asking for trouble. Also having watched adults play with buckyballs, they often try and make an earring, so I can imagine the following , kid A places a ball either side of their ear "look lets scare mom that I got a peircing" kid B goes one better and places one either side of their tongue" I might add I bought some chinese knockoff buckyballs, not a warning label in sight and not buckyballs fault, but a concern for the commission. Given this I understand why they product was banned, they were potentially dangerous, but in a subtle way that a reasonable person would not have suspected (unlike lawndarts), and a warning on the packaging would not be sufficient in many cases. However that said going after the company CEO for the price of the recal, that seems unprecedented and draconian, surely the point of a limited liability company is to do just that, limit the liability, if this sets a precedent forget bucky balls but go after CEO's of BP, Philip Morris, James Hardie, that will be fun and games, and see the politicians running to protect their revenue.

Comment: Re:Why so long? (Score 1) 35

by bentwonk2 (#44539429) Attached to: To Help Potential Victims of Patent Trolls
Creating a tool here ( that can help with finding prior art, it's free, and in some cases can work very well. (Simply put, enter the patent number you have been threatened with, and any arrows pointing to it are prior are, the thicker the arrow, the more similar the two patents, the larger the dot, the more important the prior art patent.)

Comment: Re:All Kickstarter units have NOT been shipped. (Score 1) 279

by bentwonk2 (#44109451) Attached to: Ouya Android Game Console Launches, Quickly Sells Out
Surprisingly yes I checked spam :-). To their credit Ouya have responded to my support ticket, although they cannot tell me if a console has been dispatched, they did provide a non working tracking number, with the caveat that IF the console has been dispatches there is a fair chance it will arrive before the number works. Have to say Raspberry Pi did a much slicker of communication and getting hardware into fresh sticky hands.

Comment: Re:All Kickstarter units have NOT been shipped. (Score 2) 279

by bentwonk2 (#44108207) Attached to: Ouya Android Game Console Launches, Quickly Sells Out
No, this is someone sore that their experience directly contradicts Ouya's public statements. To be told I have recieved an email from their system, when this is not the case, is a failure of Ouya's order tracking, not their delivery partner. It indicate either Ouya do not know the status of their customers orders, or they are simply trying to spin this. Neither is a good look, I was curious to see if it was common or a one off.

Comment: All Kickstarter units have NOT been shipped. (Score 3, Interesting) 279

by bentwonk2 (#44106683) Attached to: Ouya Android Game Console Launches, Quickly Sells Out
I am a kickstarter backer, last I heard was "thank you for the money, here is a receipt number", I received no other communication let alone the infamous tracking number. My experience directly contradicts Operations Chief Ken Stephens public statement that "All of these units HAVE left Hong Kong, and you have received your tracking email." I suspect I am not the only one.

Comment: Kudo (Score 2) 185

by bentwonk2 (#43502599) Attached to: Localized (Visual) Programming Language For Kids?
I have been have witnessed a positive reaction to Kudo, not only for my own 8 year old, but also at his school (where I gave the lunchtime computer club some games tutorials after the Raspberry Pi baffled them), the programming is visual, and more importantly delivers fun, rewarding visual results instantly, all in 3D which the kids can relate too. Within a few hours they were programming the AI for soccer teams and pitting them against each other in a tournament. I write this on a linux box, but credit where credits due MS did a good job with making Kudo assessable and rewarding.

Comment: He is a good guy to meet and had time for his fans (Score 2) 150

by bentwonk2 (#43347401) Attached to: Iain Banks: Extremely Ill With Cancer
Fun to meet and loves curry, wine and whisky, what's not to like? My heart goes out to his family. I have religiously each book of his books as they were published, been a tradition for twenty years now, I can't say any other author has consistently astounded me as he has. Some of his more recent has been great as well. (I recommend The Algebraist & Surface Detail). Thank you Iain.

Comment: Re:prior art (Score 1) 149

by bentwonk2 (#42363485) Attached to: Apple's Pinch+Zoom Patent Invalidated By Preliminary USPTO Ruling
Interestingly Apple itself has an earlier patent (2004) " Gestures for touch sensitive input devices" that was not listed as prior art to the 'pinch to zoom' patent. Could they use this as a fall back?

Also found a Nokia one, "Apparatus, Methods and computer program products providing finger-based and hand-based gesture commands for portable electronic device" in 2006

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