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Comment Re:Diesel are more eco-friendly than gasoline (Score 1) 420

Weirdly yes. From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

NOx emissions also causes global cooling through the formation of OH groups that destroy methane molecules, countering the effect of greenhouse gases. The effect can be significant. For instance, according to the OECD "the large NOx emissions from ship traffic lead to significant increases in hydroxyl (OH), which is the major oxidant in the lower atmosphere. Since reaction with OH is a major way of removing methane from the atmosphere, ship emissions decrease methane concentrations. (Reductions in methane lifetimes due to shipping-based NOx emissions vary between 1.5% and 5% in different calculations)." "In summary, most studies so far indicate that ship emissions actually lead to a net global cooling. This net global cooling effect is not being experienced in other transport sectors. However, it should be stressed that the uncertainties with this conclusion are large, in particular for indirect effects, and global temperature is only a first measure of the extent of climate change in any event."

So by emitting NOx, the cars were actually acting to reduce methane which is a lot worse of a greenhouse gas then CO2.
Weird, right?

Comment Here's some ideas: (Score 1) 842

1) Buy a lot of rainforst and set aside a trust to protect it in perpetuity.
2) Pay off the college debt of some struggling entry level workers
3) Fund schools
4) fund food banks
5) Support the politician of your choice - maybe he/she really will make a difference
6) Give all of your money to charity and go find a real job - you will be happier and you'll definitely get laid by a chick who digs you

Comment Re:New rule (Score 1) 113

After his second questionable 2 letter word we added a rule (democratically voted on and adopted) that you must be able to define your word and use it properly in a sentence if anyone asks.

But that's just boring.
A scrabble word is a scrabble word. Just agree on a dictionary and be done with it.

If you really wanted to mess up your professional scrabble playing foe, you should have insisted on using a non-scrabble dictionary. Then qi and za (amoung others) wont be available and he'll be a lot easier to challenge.

Besides which, any scrabble player worth his salt will be able to give the definition that is in the scrabble dictionary

I think half the fun is out memorizing the competition.


Comment Re:How do they paint them? (Score 1) 63

Is that why it takes 2 weeks?

As far as I know, it takes 2 weeks to clean up the errors from the scan. 3d scanning is super glitchly right now and it takes a lot of work to manually clean them up. That's what I noticed when I went in to get 3d scanned. The raw scan had tons of polys in the wrong places

Comment Re:I can't really blame this guy (Score 1) 327

a couple thoughts...
3) maybe this is a woosh on my part, but the GP refers to TSA nut grabbing. This was just in the news yesterday cuz there was a bust at denver where a gay tsa officer was using coded signals to other officers so he would ahve the chance to grope people's nuts.

The TSA in Denver were only groping attactive people....

Use the Force, Luke.