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Comment The cops just are not trying very hard (Score 1) 392

I don't understand why a 4 pin passcode is blocking the feds from cracking the encryption. I mean, if they had an intern sit with the phone and go through all 10000 combinations, it would probably work.

If md5 is venerable to being cracked, how is this any different?

Comment Re:New rule (Score 1) 113

After his second questionable 2 letter word we added a rule (democratically voted on and adopted) that you must be able to define your word and use it properly in a sentence if anyone asks.

But that's just boring.
A scrabble word is a scrabble word. Just agree on a dictionary and be done with it.

If you really wanted to mess up your professional scrabble playing foe, you should have insisted on using a non-scrabble dictionary. Then qi and za (amoung others) wont be available and he'll be a lot easier to challenge.

Besides which, any scrabble player worth his salt will be able to give the definition that is in the scrabble dictionary

I think half the fun is out memorizing the competition.


Comment Re:I can't really blame this guy (Score 1) 327

a couple thoughts...
3) maybe this is a woosh on my part, but the GP refers to TSA nut grabbing. This was just in the news yesterday cuz there was a bust at denver where a gay tsa officer was using coded signals to other officers so he would ahve the chance to grope people's nuts.

The TSA in Denver were only groping attactive people....

Comment Re:For a smartphone a TOF camera could be more sui (Score 1) 62

For a smartphones, I'd rather expect so-called "time of flight" cameras to catch-up before LIDARs. Basically, you have an array of LEDs which illuminate the scene using sine or square wave intensity modulation. .

Unfortunately, emitted IR signals outside get too corrupted for ranges farther then 10m or so.
I'm not sure about indoors but I can't find any ToF system that can go farther then 10m.
Light Field cameras almost seem useful but they have their own limitations.
Lidar is the only reasonable way to obtain depth information over long distances. And it's accurate too.
ToF does work ok for short distances though, AFAIK

Comment Re: Not everyone (Score 1) 140

Forced their hand? Last time I checked, they are: 1) still operating the program, and 2) tenaciously defending it.

For shame!

As far as I know, they are still allowed to operate the program under the law. Hopefully, in June (or whenever the 215 provisions expire) they will no longer be legally allowed to operate. Then it'll probably cease to exist.

That being said, it seems weird that the top level administrators of the NSA have been bold face lying to congressional committees under oath and no-one in the Justice Department is interested in prosecuting them for perjury.... As far as I understand, that is a legitimate crime.

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